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Volume 92 (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)

Gardening to Reduce Stress

default article imageWith spring weather finally approaching, gardening is a common activity or hobby that a lot of people tend to pick up. Now with the Coronavirus knocking on our doors you can enjoy outside, by gardening in the comfort of your own home.

Although a visually attractive backyard is the overall goal for many, some find gardening as a therapeutic pastime for their mind, body and soul. Those who look at it as a chore might not see gardening as a leisurely activity. However, approaching gardening with a positive attitude and an open mind will significantly reduce stress.

In a modern world where people are constantly overloaded with daily responsibilities, it is important to remember to stop and smell the roses. Gardening is a useful tool that is beneficial for people of all ages to get involved in.

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Is Mercury in Retrograde a Fallacy?

Mercury Retrograde“Nothing is going right for me lately, and on top of it Mercury is in retrograde.” Odds are if you follow the practices of astrology, you have heard of the term “mercury in retrograde”.

Retrograde motion, when observed from Earth, is a planet that appears to be moving in the reverse direction, according to Time magazine.

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The Resurgence of Astrology

Resurgence AstrologyFrom a life and style magazine like Cosmopolitan, to a newspaper such as The New York Times, more often than not you will come across weekly articles about astrology and horoscopes. Horoscopes are not only a hot topic among youth, but astrological signs are becoming staples in fashion and jewelry. Popular companies like Urban Outfitters, Alex and Ani, and Nordstrom have created collections revolving around zodiac symbols.

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Ask Chloe

default article imageEver since my friend got a boyfriend she only spends her time with him, she has become distant from our entire friend group. This is making me upset. Should I say something?

 - Anonymous

Anonymous-- I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Love is blind” before. Sometimes the relationships we are in have the power to cloud our minds and judgments. Suddenly when you are in love, you may not evaluate your own actions.

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Is Your Facial Roller a Skincare Gem?

default article imageIn recent years the beauty industry has developed an obsession with skincare; from tweens to middle-aged adults, people are dying to talk about their routines.

Recently, a new trend has emerged in the skincare world: facial rollers. A facial roller is made with two stones, either jade or rose quartz, on either side of the handle that work to massage and enhance several features of the face.

According to Energy Muse, a blog focused on educating the public about crystal energy, the jade stone is the “ultimate good luck charm.” Jade works to calm and nourish the soul, as well as protect it from harm.

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For Valentine's Day, Try Being Realistic

Valentines Realistic 1Ah February, the month of love. A time to display tenderness, and affection, to the ones we admire most.

February can be an exciting month for both single and taken people, however if there’s one month that has the power to stress everybody out, it’s this one.

In fact, a study conducted at Arizona State University found that relationships are 2.5 times more likely to end between the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and the week after Valentine’s Day.

So how does this two week period increase the chances of you breaking up with your partner? The results of the study from Arizona State University further concluded that Valentine’s Day can magnify, or even exacerbate existing issues. The pressure of creating the “perfect” Valentine’s Day can cause partners to question whether or not they actually have the “perfect” relationship.

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Ask Chloe

default article imageI have a crush on my friend who is in a relationship. What do I do? How do I know if they like me back?- Anonymous

Anonymous-- - Although this seems like a sticky situation, it is one that only you probably know that you are in. It seems as though you have already come to terms, and recognized, that you have a crush on someone who is at the moment unattainable to you.

There is good news, your feelings are not wrong. Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Psychology has specialization in social psychology with an emphasis on close romantic relationships involving such topics as relationship initiation, interpersonal attraction, love, relationship maintenance, infidelity, and relationship dissolution, had a few thoughts.

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Oh Sheet! Is Your Bedding Eco-Friendly?

default article imageInterested in becoming more environmentally friendly around the house? Replacing your typical microfiber and non-organic cotton sheets with organic cotton bed sheets, eucalyptus sheets, or bamboo sheets can be a start. Just as children are scared of what’s hiding under their covers adults, now more than ever, should be concerned about what’s in them. Non-organic cotton has been reported to harm the environment and has been given the title of the “dirtiest crop on earth’’, by bedding company Swedish Linens.

So why should you make the switch? The truth is organic cotton sheets are better than those that are non-organic because they lack harmful chemicals that non-organic cottons sheets are comprised of.

According to Tiffany L. Medley, lecturer in the Biology department at Monmouth University, “The worst sheets for the environment are microfiber sheets. Microfiber essentially is synthetically made from petroleum, and is of plastic like material. When washing, the smallest microfibers make it through the drains and into a waste-water treatment plant where they are not filtered out. They end up discharged into water bodies and consumed by filter feeders and others which then as part of the food chain end up in the bodies of other animals. If we eat these animals (fish, shellfish, etc.) the plastic ends up in us,” said Medley.

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Commercials: The Super Bowl's Main Event

Commercials Super Bowl 1Three words. Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you just rolled your eyes after reading that, or are heavily anticipating the upcoming showdown between the San-Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, there is one thing that most viewers of the event agree on; the commercials have become a phenomenon that put the “super” in Super Bowl. 

For many Americans the Super Bowl has become an honorary holiday since it was first established, according to the NFL, in 1966 when it was called the ‘AFL-NFL World Championship Game.’

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The Power of Crystals and Essential Oils

Crystals Oils 1Stress, moodiness, anxiety, tiredness, lack of motivation; these are all things most people deal with on a day-to-day basis, and more often than not allow to get the best of them. Often, we pop an Advil or take a nap to deal with these troubles in hopes that they will go away, and never come back. Unfortunately, these troublesome and inconvenient treatments never seem to truly help…at least not on a long-term basis, or without adding undesired hassles in our busy days.

Now, what if someone told you that there was a quick and easy way to get rid of all of this (and more) …something relatively cheap, simple to do, and completely free of harsh side effects or byproduct?

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The World of Voice Assistant Technology

Voice AssistantOver the past decade, technology has advanced more than ever. Individuals do not need to look further than their devices to have questions answered, or chores completed. Today, millions around the globe use a voice assistant through various devices.

Whether it be through their smartphones or smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, or Apple’s Siri, a built-in assistant waits for you at every corner.

A voice assistant, as defined by is “a device or piece of software that can perform basic tasks and answer some questions, often in response to natural language commands and prompts.”

These friendly devices are made to complete everyday tasks faster and easier than ever before. Rather than putting in the work yourself, a voice assistant is always available and can answer anything you ask.

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