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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Guy Code: Reality or Fiction at the University

guy_codeSo the cat is out of the bag. The MTV hit show, “Guy Code” has revealed every male secret… or have they? The show examines multiple facets of the lifestyle for a mid-20s male college student but how true are these stereotypes in relationship to MU students? Take a second and think. How do you associate college males at the University when it comes to rela­tionships and love, sports, or how they spend their money? These three topics will be looked at and classic stereotypes will be con­firmed or will be removed from “the code.”

Johanna Foster, instructor of sociology, believes that there is too much weight put on certain aspects of a male’s lifestyle. “On top of that underlying taboo in the culture of hegemonic masculin­ity is the overvaluing of wealth, power and prestige as primary signs of appropriate manhood, and the willingness to use, or at least unequivocally support, the use of aggression and violence in order to achieve those culturally prescribed goals,” she said.

1.) Relationships

Relationships are difficult for anyone, but college men are por­trayed as solely partyers and are expected to be having sex with as many people as possible, accord­ing to Dr. Deanna Shoemaker, associate professor of communi­cation. But as Dr. Jack Demar­est, professor of psychology at the University, said it is more about competition when it comes to re­lationships, which may be why college men are shown as to only view women as sexual objects.

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‘Girl Code’ Just An Elaboration On Stereotypes

girl_codeIt has often been said that sugar, spice, and everything nice is the common formula required to cre­ate the perfect girl. Often executed in the form of pigtails, glitter, and all things pink, girls are also ex­pected to follow a special social set of rules, simply labeled “girl code”; the laws which have served as the inspiration behind several online blogs, publications and now a brand new television show on MTV called “Girl Code.”

In a recent article published in the Journal of Personality and So­cial Psychology, Bobbi Carothers and Harry Reis created a test in or­der to see whether men and women should be set in separate interest categories. The results showed that college men and women do, in fact, often have different hobbies. Ac­tivities such as boxing, construc­tion, playing golf, playing video­games and watching pornography were more interesting to guys. In contrast, taking a bath, talking on the phone, scrapbooking, watch­ing talk shows, and cosmetics were more interesting to girls.

It would appear then that the laws, and the several stereotypes that accompany them, have gained a mass following and power status amongst the female populous. So much media attention aids in fur­thering the two sexes, especially in the cases of relationship expec­tations, the notable difference in sports interests, and, of course, where and how their money is spent.

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Healthy Habits to Maintain Over the Summer

healthy_habits_for_the_summerContrary to the common college belief, beach bodies do not just magically appear by going to the gym. A healthy diet is an impor­tant step in order to lose weight which is rather difficult to stick to when there are limited options for many college students. With the academic year almost over, there are only a few weeks left to lose those unwanted pounds for sum­mer.

It all begins with breakfast so put down the bagel. Start off your day with eggs, which are loaded with protein, giving you a jump start to your day. In fact, wrote that egg whites and egg yolks are essen­tial nutrients that allow your body to properly function. While the healthy option is to only eat the whites, egg yolk is filled with vi­tamin E and will keep you feeling full for a while.

If eggs are not your preference, yogurt is always a great alterna­tive, particularly Greek yogurt. Make sure to read the label for Greek yogurts because the nutri­tion varies from brand to brand. If you prefer regular yogurt over Greek, low-fat brands are your best option when trying to reduce your calorie intake. Greek yogurt contains protein and is an excel­lent source of calcium.

In your lunch menu, make sure to incorporate leafy green vegeta­bles for a quick way to flatten your stomach. In reality, it would be beneficial to include leafy greens at every meal. Romaine lettuce, spinach, and kale are low in calo­ries and full of fiber that offer vi­tamins and minerals and also will help reduce bloating.

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Staying Classy While Staying Young

staying_classy_while_staying_youngIn today’s society, women of­ten struggle with the need to look professional and the desire to stay young and trendy. The me­dia presents celebrities in a light where they are often risqué and inappropriately dressed. Young girls are following suit, and this is not setting a good example on how to look sophisticated and youthful.

With college women seeking jobs and looking forward to ca­reers, it is important that they look and feel the part. This means dressing conservatively, but still having a sense of style. Whoev­er said business attire is boring must have been narrow-minded because there are many ways you can make any outfit stand out.

Associate professor of com­munication Dr. Sherry Wien suggested that women, “invest in high quality classic clothes that last instead of cheap trendy clothes that look dated and worn out after a year.” She also noted that every company’s dress code is different and that it is essen­tial to find out how the company would like you to present your­self.

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Perks of Joining Student Organizations: Traveling

student_organizations-travelingFrom the moment a stu­dent walks onto the campus of Monmouth University, he or she is bombarded with flyers, emails, and verbal advice that stress the importance of getting involved in student clubs and organizations. The overwhelming insistence can be a turn off for some students who simply want to go to class and be done with their day.

If there is one thing we have learned during the past four years, it is that the need to be in­volved not only on campus but within your major is too crucial to put in words. We can easily tell you that joining a club or or­ganization will give you more experience and knowledge into what you are already studying. However, there is a more exciting aspect of being a part of a group: you can travel the country.

As executive board members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), we are grateful for the many op­portunities that we have had to travel to national conferences out of state. We have traveled to Orlando, Florida, San Francisco, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico for PRSSA National events.

“Our chapter of PRSSA has given the University a more prominent presence on the na­tional level during the past few years, and that is something that improves our credibility and membership,” said Sheila McAl­lister, faculty advisor of PRSSA.

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Tattoos Acceptable in the Workplace Once Again

tattoos_in_workplaceIn today’s society, tattoos have become more popular and socially accepted. More recently, tattoos have emerged in the media through celebrities and even reality televi­sion shows. Tattoos have even be­come more acceptable in the work­place.

The art of tattooing has always been tied to both cultural and oc­cupational values but not until re­cently, they were unacceptable in the modern workplace.

Origins of tattoos in the work­place date back to countries such as China and the Philippine Islands.

In China, convicts were inked so anyone passing by the bandit could easily spot them and immea­ditely realize they were a criminal. The Philippine Islands had a more positive connotation with tattoos as they were inked in order to show political rankings in their tribes.

Even non-permanent tattoos have lasted throughout time. Henna and Mehndi tattoos, a dye derived from a plant used for temporary tattooing, were created in Ancient India and Egypt. Hennas continue to be popular amongst New Jersey boardwalks.

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Hats Back on Top

The running joke between gen­ders is that women obsess over their shoes. Whether it be Con­verse or Steve Madden, women need any shoe they can get their hands on. In recent years, men have also gained a clothing ob­session. Most men no longer mock a woman’s obsession over shoes because they are just as obsessed, if not more with hats. Whether it be fedoras, baseball caps, or beanies, men create an admiration for their dawnings on their heads.

“Guys can obsess over hats just as much as girls obsess over shoes,” sophomore communica­tion major Jordan Bloom said. “I know guys who obsess over shoes more than girls; it’s differ­ent for everyone. Personally, I’m obsessed with hats more than most girls are with shoes and I’m fine with that.”

Although the fashion of the hat has only begun to rise again, hats on men have been seen throughout history. For instance, recall the famous pictures of for­mer President Abraham Lincoln. What was he always wearing? A hat. For a more modern example, look towards fiction legend Indi­ana Jones. What was he always wearing? A hat. In neither of these examples was a hat nec­essary to wear, but instead they were put to use for ornamental reasons.

While these two cases are outdated, men still can be seen sporting hats for fashion pur­poses. Business professor Da­vid Paul believes the sole reason hats have come back in style is in fact only because the style has changed to fit the generation.

“It’s a style thing. Hats will go in and out of style. You’ll see hats come in and then you will see hats go. It’s a fashion prod­uct. Why is it stylish? I haven’t got a clue,” Paul said.

A recent style change seen in the latest hat productions is the introduction of the snap back. According to Bloom, this is one reason hats have grown in popu­larity amongst college men.

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Hair Trends on the Rise this Spring

bohemian-braidEach season tends to bring new trends and hair style is no excep­tion. With spring and summer weather coming along, you are probably thinking about changing your style to match the freshness and warmth of the upcoming sea­sons. If you want something new but do not know where to begin, there are many styles for you to consider.

The most popular trend of the season should not come as much of a surprise. Super-straight hair will continue to be popular for the upcoming months, so do not pack away your straightening irons with your winter wardrobe. For something different, try parting your hair in the middle for a more modern look.

Junior communication major Ashley Bonino said she supports the middle part for a twist on the straight locks.

“I think straight hair will always be in style because it’s classic and pretty,” Bonino said. “I especially like the middle part because it cre­ates a whole new look, different from the side bangs style that was once really popular.”

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Ixnay on the Ombré

Drew-Barrymore-ombre-hairLately, it seems everywhere one turns, ombré hair can be seen. The sensation of dyeing only part of one’s hair has been rapidly taking over the salon world.

For those that are a little behind on this latest trend, ombré is a French term meaning “shaded” or “shading.” Ombré hair color is dark rooted hair that gradually gets lighter through the strands of hair all the way to the tips. Depending on hair color and preference, the ombré effect can either be very drastic or subtle.

Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore have all fabulously rocked this new hair color. Others such as Christina Aguilera have gone with colored ombré styles rather than the usual brunette or blonde choices.

Many have mixed feelings about the trend. Freshman graphic design major, Talia Carney, gives her opinion on ombré hair. “I really like the ombré trend, but I’m not sure if I would get it.”

I have to admit, I fell victim to the ombré craze as well. I tried the trend myself and within a few weeks, I was back to my naturally dark hair.

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Spring Fever: Fact or Fiction?

It’s finally spring. Well, that’s what the calendar tells us as March 20 marked the first official day of the spring season. Back in February, the groundhog told the nation that an early spring would wipe out winter this year. However, there still has been some recent snow and cold temperatures in the air.

We have been hearing the term “spring fever” since the 1600s, but what does it actually mean today? Is it just a term used to associate good weather and a good mood, or do we actually experience some type of psychological change?

Famous writer, Mark Twain, describes spring fever as the craving for something, people just do not know what that something is.

“It’s spring fever. When you’ve got it, you want - oh you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes you heart ache you want it so!” Twain wrote.

American colonists actually created the term ‘spring fever’ and knew exactaly what they wanted. When the colonists would go long winters without fresh fruits and vegetables, they felt fatigue or weakness all winter and come spring, they nourished themselves with fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides fever describing a rise in body temperature, says “a state of nervous excitement or agitation.” Thus, the spring would create a nervous excitement for crops to grow.

According to the LA Times, some scientists do think spring fever is more than just a phrase we use to associate good mood and good weather. They think it is a cluster of symptoms brought about by hormonal changes in the body.

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Traditional Easter Recipes

easter-ham-456Easter is coming up soon and although you may no longer be­lieve in Peter Cottontail, baskets are still a fun way to celebrate the holiday. But, if you are tired of the traditional milk chocolate eggs and marshmallow Peeps, you may want to think about way to rein­vent the Easter basket. Here are a few tips on how to revamp this holiday tradition.

Fill your basket with candy-less snacks such as popcorn, chips and cookies. You can make quick and easy sugar cookies and even shape them into bunnies and Eas­ter eggs. They will be fun to dec­orate and eat.

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are a twist to a sweet treat and can solve your salty and sweet crav­ings. Stick them into a Styro­foam block and create a bouquet that can be placed into a deco­rated f lower pot or plastic cup.

You can also make your own candy with three ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, and melt­ed chocolate. Crush a package of Oreos, mix it together with a package of cream cheese and roll them into balls. Then, dip them in chocolate and add sprinkles and you have your own choco­late truffles that are ready to eat. Stick them inside plaster Easter eggs and scatter them throughout. You can finish off this food-filled basket with K-cups for a Keurig or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop.

Sophomore communication major Danielle Trentin enjoys the thought of putting a twist on tradition. “I love coffee, make­up, and clothes. I would love to receive any of them in my bas­ket,” she said.

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