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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Vegetarianism: More than what ‘Meats’ the Eye

eat more plants.jpg colorMany times when you ask a vegetarian why they decided to make this life change, their answer might be “I don’t want to eat animals,” or “I want to try and save the cows, chickens, and pigs”, but there are many reasons to becoming a vegetarian than just saving animals. 

Mary Harris, a specialist professor of communication and a vegan, said, “There are different types of vegetarianism ranging from lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan or raw vegan. People choose to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for a variety of different reasons including but not limited to personal health, disease prevention, healing health ailments, environmental concerns, cost efficiency, because they don’t want to harm or eat animals, etc.” 

As Harris suggested, there are people out there that choose to become a vegetarian more for health reasons. It’s not all about saving the animals, it’s about what their bodies can handle. This may surprise you, but there are people out there that simply cannot digest meat. 

For some, every time they eat a hamburger or ingest a chicken sandwich, they bring it back up. People who have this problem have no choice but to leave meat out of their diet. There are some people who actually wish they could eat meat, but become vegetarians because their bodies do not allow them to enjoy pork roll or cheeseburgers.

Brianna Graham, a junior communication major, is not a vegetarian but has a co-worker who is one at the deli they are employed at. 

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In“green”dients to Incorporate into St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

shamrock 296458 640Even if you are not Irish, you most likely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to either drink a lot of beer or munch on a ton of different green foods. Holidays don’t always have to be unhealthy though. There are a ton of foods out there that can be festive as well as healthy. This year, celebrate St. Patty’s Day by impressing your friends and family by whipping up some dishes that contain healthy green ingredients. According to Self Nutrition Data, the following green foods contain vitamins and nutrients that you can  make use of this Irish holiday.

#1. Avocados. You can do a lot with avocados. They make for a great add to salads, salsas, dressings, sauces, and of course, guacamole! Avocados provide close to 20 essential nutrients and although they contain a lot of fat, it is monounsaturated fat, also know as “the good fat.” Cindy Coffey, a history graduate student, said, “I love to use avocadoes in salads and to make homemade guacamole. It also makes a great topping for burgers.” Avocadoes make for a great green and healthy snack for your St. Patty’s party.

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California Here You Come: Los Angeles

La colorLos Angeles86/: the city of angels. For those who live in a bubble, LA is a major city located in the southern California region. Being considered one of the two fashion capitals of the US, aside from New York City, LA is home to countless celebrities, movie sets, and is a major tourist destination that attracts people from all over the world.  LA has a little bit of everything for everyone.

For those who are visiting LA and want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, check out Santa Monica beach and pier. Robert Scott, a specialist professor of communication who lived part of his life in Beachwood Canyon in LA, raved about how great LA’s weather is. “The weather is so consistently comfortable there that many of the social activities take place outdoors.” 

According to US News and Travel, the Santa Monica pier is just west of downtown LA and is a very walk-able part of town. Santa Monica contains one of the most legendary beach scenes in the US and boasts an abundance of great restaurants and excellent nightlife spots. For those traveling with young children or want to bring out their inner child, one of the most popular aspects of this beach is its famous pier, which is not only free entry but it features the coastal thrill rides of Pacific Park and lively street performances. 

“If people are visiting LA and will only be there for a short while, I usually recommend visiting the Santa Monica Pier followed by some shopping and dining on the Third Street Promenade since the two are only a few blocks from each other,” said Scott. 

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Roadtripping the USA

Great American song writer and singer, Willie Nelson, once sang, “On the road again,

goin’ places that I’ve never been, seein’ things that I may never see again.” He glorified what may be one of the greatest experiences you could ever have in your life, the great American road trip. There is no need to travel too far, five or 10 hours gets you pretty far outside this wintery wonderland we’ve gotten used to. If you have no plans yet for Spring Break you are not too late. Putting together a last minute road trip is easy and very budget friendly especially with the recent drop in gas prices. So what are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and a map and get going.

Mike Kulik, a senior political science student, recalls his spring break road trip two years ago. He said, “Road trips are hands down the most fun way to travel. The trip becomes more about the adventure and less about the destination. It’s all about the moment and the people you are with. It’s about everything and nothing all at the same time.” 

Road trips are unique in that they allow you to see so much. Taking a plane or train you zoom past all the middle, not stopping at local land marks, never once stopping and meeting a person from small town USA. Road trips let you live in the moment, you are not sitting on a plane waiting to get to a destination, you are living through every mile. 

Brianna Freno, a senior psychology student, said, “I’m most excited for actually seeing a new part of the country, places I wouldn’t necessarily make my ending destination.”

To start this epic adventure you are going to have to pick a destination. Open up a map and start thinking. So many cities sit closer than you think. Decide how long you want to travel and don’t be scared to take a longer trip and stop over night somewhere. It’s all part of the glory that is a road trip. Nashville, TN; Daytona Beach, FL; or Atlanta, GA, all sit a mere 14 hours away. Washington DC holds history and a great nightlife scene only four hours away. Both Carolinas are no more than 10 hours away and filled with unique quaint little cities. And if you want to go a little further, Pensacola, FL or New Orleans, LA are 20 hours away. 

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Xpire App Allows Users to Self-Destruct Social Media Posts

phoneSome students have been told since high school: “Clean up your Facebook,” “Watch what you say online,” or, “Don’t post something you wouldn’t want the colleges of your choice to see.” Now that these students have made it to the University (perhaps by changing Facebook names, jacking up privacy settings and hiding photos) it’s been a series of: “Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.”

Most students have become aware that if online profiles aren’t treated with dignity it could have negative consequences; however, many have been utilizing social media since high school, maybe even middle school, and haven’t been quite so conscious of their postings. According to many students, it can be quite a bother to go through and clean up your pages, nonetheless even know where to begin. Luckily for young professionals everywhere, the new app, Xpire, is here to help ease the fear of student’s online presence haunting them down the road.

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Spring Break on a Budget: Being Smart about Saving and Spending

Spring break is swiftly approaching. Tropical beaches, foreign cities and unexplored lands are at the front of everyone’s mind. And while scouring through blogs and articles about the best things to do at you intended destination is the fun part of travel, budgeting is the part a lot of us tend to overlook. It’s easy to make a list of all the best attractions in your destination. What’s not easy is knowing how much you are going to spend. 

Rachel Fox, a senior P-3 elementary education major with an endorsement in special education, is going to Cancun this spring break. She said, “I don’t know the first thing about how to budget for spring break. Where do I even begin?!” 

Luckily budgeting for a week is not as hard as it seems. With a few simple tips and tricks you will be able to know exactly how to not be penniless by day two. 

Before embarking on vacation, the weeks leading up to break is a good time to save and earn some extra cash while you can. Picking up a few extra shifts at work may be killing you right now, but when you have the extra money to buy a few more souvenirs, you will be that much happier you did. 

If you don’t have a job, look for people hiring for a day, ask friends and family if they need any jobs done and want to throw a few dollars your way. Your mom has been meaning to clean the garage for months now; ask her if it’d be ok for you to do it if she gives you a couple bucks. Or ask the young parents up the street if they need a babysitter one weekend. Being able to buy that fancy dinner one night will be worth it. 

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Read More Books, Because Science Said So

Books colorJohn Green. Nicholas Sparks. George R.R. Martin. J.K Rowling. These are just a few authors that have published brilliant pieces in the world of novels. Authors such as these ones have created elaborate escapes for readers everywhere. Unfortunately, many of these interpretive realms are not experienced as much as they could be. 

Reading a good book is a forgotten treasure, especially for students juggling work, class, and internships. In between required textbooks readings and homework, it is rare for college students to sit down and immerse themselves in a good read. Nowadays, so many books are being turned into movies too, so young people do not feel the need to read the story if they can visualize it through a film.

Chelsea Sebastian, a senior English education major with an endorsement in special education, finds time to read. Sebastian said, “I love reading for pleasure because it lets me escape the craziness of being a college student. It becomes difficult to read for pleasure when I have so many assigned readings, but it’s important because it gives me a chance to choose a book I really want to read and get lost in it.”

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Try These: Alternatives to Drinking Coffee and Staying Awake in Class

coffeeWe have each had to pull all-nighters, cramming for that exam the next day, or writing a paper that was due in the morning, but then we suffer by trying to stay awake in class. Many of us resort to coffee. Americans’ dependence on caffeine to get through the morning has become almost a joke. Instagram and Facebook blow up with constant photos of people holding their Starbucks cup, and Twitter’s trending hashtags almost always consist of “#coffeeaddict,” but we all know coffee isn’t the greatest thing to consume, so what do we do? 

Coffee addiction is a serious thing and although it can be a very controversial topic, we can all agree on the fact that Americans rely way too much on caffeine. There are several different ways to stay awake without caffeine. 

#1. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water next to you at all times. Hydration is very important and is the key to staying awake. Julie Chenoweth, a junior health studies major, said, “Maybe not drink coffee, but drink tea instead since it’s healthier for you. Or drink ice cold water and even Gatorade.” Drinking plenty of water is sure to help keep your eyes open during class after that all-nighter you just pulled.

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Hello, Goodbye: The Demise of Handwritten Notes

Handwritten NoteRecently, a story aired on CBS New York about an elderly couple who saved thousands of handwritten notes for Valentine’s Day. The couple had their love notes organized by date and year in containers, making it easy for the two to look back on their love, year after year. 

Everyday, since 1974, when Bill and Kris Bresnan met, the two have written each other handwritten letters, accumulating 10,000 letters over time, a lasting documentation of their 40-year love story.

Seeing this story had third parties thinking, at what point in time did handwritten notes cease to exist? Is it a generational gap? 

Maybe these notes still exist ,but are rare in the digital age of e-mail, texts and even typed letters. Think back to the last time you received a handwritten note or card from someone that wasn’t your mom, dad, or grandparents. It was probably in elementary school. 

By the time we became middle school students, the question “What’s your screen name?” was taking the hallways by storm, and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) took over our after school lives. After the instant messaging phenomenon wore out, we all had cell phones and began texting. Somewhere between texting slang and disdain for face-to-face conversation, the long time tradition of sending handwritten notes got lost in translation. 

“I don’t think I’ve gotten a handwritten note since I was in fourth grade. At least within the past 10 years any letter I’ve received, if that, has been typed,” said Alli Ganim, a freshman social work student.

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Forget if You’re Overworked, Underpaid: The Perks of a Part-Time Job

lifestyles starbucksCollege: Arguably the four most critical years of developing into who you are. You learn a lot of things in college, like how to balance equations, how to properly use MLA format, or how to write press releases. 

Depending on your major, your expertise varies upon commencement, but what doesn’t vary from major to major is the valuable life lessons picked up in those four years. 

Although it may seem like a burden at times and maybe not worth the money, having a part-time job while attending college can be beneficial in multiple ways for personal development. 

In a study conducted by Seventeen Magazine and Citigroup, nearly four out of every five college students works an average of 19 hours per week. Many students are taking advantage of the real world experience and life lessons gained in real working environments before even graduating. 

One of the most obvious  benefits from working a part-time job is the money earned. There will always be a satisfaction in making one’s own money and spending it however they feel. 

Thomas Aiello, a senior accounting student and waiter at The Mill at Spring Lake, said, “It all comes down to financial stability, to be able to go out and have a good time. I know so many friends who always are worried about spending money, having a job leaves my life free of financial stress.”

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Gets to the Bottom of the Winter Blues

You make the cold long walk to class, constantly bundling up with  infinity scarves and boots and realize that it’s that time of year again. It’s the middle of winter and all of a sudden Netflix and your warm bed are calling your name.

 You don’t want to go outside unless you absolutely have to. Why would you? That miserable few steps from your front door to the car, or from your dorm to class, trekking through snow, are the last thing on your mind. You ask yourself why you feel this pull to stay in your warm room. 

Maybe it is because your nose and ears are frozen any time you step outside. And then it definitely doesn’t help that your nose instantly drips from the bitter cold. Or could it be that when you look out the window at 5 pm, it really seems more like 8 pm? Whatever it is, you just want winter to end.

Some believe that the answer to these instances can simply be defined as “The Winter Blues.”  It’s the time of year where people have said that they feel like they’re in a “funk,” or seem as if they don’t feel as happy they normally could. 

Even though the “Winter Blues” may feel like a myth, there is something comparable to it called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). lists SAD as a “mood disorder associated with depression and related to seasonal variations of light.” 

SAD affects half a million people every winter between September and April, peaking in December, January, and February. The “Winter Blues,” a mild form of SAD, may affect even more people. 

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