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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Yoga: The Pathway to Wellness

yogaHave you ever considered trying yoga? Well if you haven't already, you should because the practice itself has numerous health benefits and it's enjoyable. Incorporating yoga into your weekly or even daily workout routine is a good way to give you variety in your exercises and open your mind to new ideas.

Yoga is all about connecting your mind and body. According to Caroline Gregoire, a health public speaker and Huffington Post blogger, yoga reduces stress and boosts well-being. She explained that what most people don't know is that it actually has many physical benefits that might even be better than other types of exercises.

Many people believe that yoga does not give you an adequate workout. While most yoga classes do not give you a cardio workout, you are building strength by balancing, holding, and flowing through poses. In addition to building muscles, you are creating a harmony between mind and body, and not many other practices or exercises can do this.

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The Science Behind the Phenomenon of “Cuffing Season”

The weather has cooled down to a crisp temperature and the leaves have transformed to beautiful, bright and fiery shades and are gracefully dropping from the trees. It is time to bundle up in cozy sweatshirts, boots or scarves, and apparently heat things up with a new romance. That's right, "cuffing season" has commenced. This is, at least, according to college students.

So what exactly is cuffing season? As simply stated by Urban Dictionary, cuffing season is a time when "during the fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves, along with the rest of the world, desiring to be 'cuffed' or tied down by a serious relationship ... the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate."

So basically, cuffing season refers to the yearly phenomenon where singles everywhere enter in to new relationships, for reasons that may be otherwise questionable. Naturally, this begs the question "What reasons?"

For the younger generation of folks in particular, this trend is very real. But you may be surprised to learn that there may just be a little bit of science or psychology behind individuals' desire to be "cuffed" during the cold.

According to Jack Demarest, a psychology professor, "This is not an unusual phenomenon." As an evolutionary psychologist and from a Darwinian evolutionary standpoint, he said, "This behavior could be a short term mating strategy which provides benefits for both the men and women who adopt them, especially when resources are in short supply." This historically is during the harsh and barren winter months.

In the article "Summer Lovin' or Summer Leavin'?" by Dr. Gary Lewandowski, Chair of Psychology, and co-creator and co-editor of, a chart displaying peak break up times shows spring break as having one of the highest rates. "Notice that winter months are low and summer months have an uptick" said Lewandowski.

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Avoid Early Hibernation: Last Minute Outdoor Activies

horsebackIt's about that time of year where we all break out the warm soft sweaters, start brewing hot chocolate, and find a permanent little spot where we can escape the harsh winter. But before you get too cozy in your fuzzy socks and start a new series on Netflix, take advantage of the cool fall weather.

There is plenty of decent weather to take advantage of in November, and with the fall foliage there's no reason to stay inside. It's going to be a long cold winter; there will be plenty of time to get cozy later.

When someone says fall, one of the first words that comes to people's minds is pumpkin. Halloween may be over, so there's no need to acquire pumpkins for carving, but Thanksgiving is approaching soon and pumpkins will be needed for dinner. Many farms stay open till mid November so there is plenty of time to go pumpkin picking. Or, if apple pie is your favorite, apples are still ripe and ready to be picked.

Get a group of friends together and take a ride out to the countryside of New Jersey to get these apples and pumpkins. If you have to travel a little farther that's all right, fall is the best time of the year to drive.

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Fast Food Does Not Have To Signify Fat Food: Slimmer Options

chipotFast food. Some of us hate to love it and others love to hate it. Fast food can be a guilty pleasure, or just a downright pressure of eating on the fly, especially for college students crunched for time. Some days we face a heavy work load and barely enough time to eat. That is when we virtually have to opt for fast food. We just need to put something quick and cheap in our bellies on the go.

According to Fitness Magazine, the Center For Disease Control found that fast food makes up more than 15 percent of daily calories for people in their twenties and thirties. While most fast food might as well be called fat food, there are options that aren't all that bad. When choosing these quick dining options, its helpful to know what items on the menu pose the least threat to your body.

When you hear fast food, you often think: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell. None of these are held high in regards to health. McDonalds has an especially bad rep since its SuperSize me days and is infamously known for salty french fries and questionable meat products.

If you must make the trip to the Golden Arches, a premium caesar salad with grilled chicken and low-fat balsamic vinaigrette will do. Add a fruit 'n yogurt parfait and you'll total just 375 calories and less than ten grams of fat. A veggie burger and apple slices from Burger King is 440 calories. Furthermore, a smart menu choice at Wendy's is a large chili with a side garden salad with fat-free dressing. Taco Bell calorie savers include fresco chicken soft tacos.

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Stop Binge Watching, Start Learning: Must-Watch Documentaries

Happy-Movie-Cover-jpgAs the time left in the semester dwindles, it seems procrastination levels get higher. Hours are spent doing anything other than that eight page paper due in a week. College students are all guilty of putting things off to the last minute, but what if you could procrastinate while still doing something good for your brain?

Online streaming channels offer the genre of documentaries among their thousands of other movie options. Can it really be considered wasting time if you are using it to gain knowledge on a subject that interests you? There are thousands of option but with so many it's possible to spend hours just finding a documentary worth watching. To save you time, here are options and recommendations on on some of the most useful documentaries on Netflix, Xfinity and Amazon Instant Video.

If science is your passion look no further than these great flicks. Werner Herzog's Encounter at the End of the World delves into the human condition. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Herzog follows researchers and contract workers who risk their lives and sanity in the great Polar South.

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“Health” Food Myths Debunked

"Eating healthy" is a motto many of us hope stand by in our daily eating habits. However, what exactly is "healthy"? Healthy to some is not healthy to all. This description of ideal food habits is a vague idea that can be confusing, especially to busy, broke college students looking to make the best possible food choices. Often, some foods are generally thought of as good for you but really are not. Luckily, with a little research and willpower, these common health food myths can be debunked.

A diet trending right now is gluten-free. People with celiac disease need these foods, but choosing this diet when you do not need to is not smart. Gluten-free foods are not beneficial and actually decrease our nutrient intake as the products are highly refined amalgams of grains and sugar. In comparison to regular bread, gluten-free bread has less antioxidants and fiber.

One food college kids might gravitate towards is yogurt. Be wary though. Light yogurts are marketed as "reduced fat" but the missing fat is really replaced with more sugar. Choose plain or greek yogurt instead. Rachel Fox, a senior English major with an endorsement in special education, said, "I thought light yogurt would save me calories, but then I switched to greek yogurt to stay fuller because of the protein."

A meat that is usually associated with being lean is turkey. Turkey has become a replacement for pork and beef specialties like bacon, meatballs, sausage. The assumption: if it's made with turkey, it's better for you. This is not necessarily true. Amanda Unanski Enright, a nutrition adjunct professor, said, "Most foods made with turkey meat are more highly processed than their non-turkey original counterparts. This involves excess salt, colors, and flavors being added to mimic the original."

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Lesser Known Music Apps

For a long time, music app users have either been Pandora people or Spotify people. There is always a preference between the two.

While both stations come with limited "skips" and boring advertisements, customization of these apps are key. On Pandora, you can pick multiple stations, and have the company select songs for you within that playlist. On Spotify, you can set up a playlist with as many songs as you want to have songs shuffled without your control. You can also share music with Facebook friends and follow other user's playlists.

There are some issues with Spotify though. If you have bought songs on iTunes but have them in a playlist on Spotify, you cannot listen to those songs on Spotify on your computer. On the phone app, which in my case is a big battery-drainer, you can only shuffle your playlists and music.

Of course, the advertisements can be bothersome too. Kristine Simoes, a specialist professor of communication, used music apps in the past.

"I have used Pandora, Spotify and iFit during runs. The problem is, I had each open at once since my music shut off in the middle of working out. I switched between the apps to avoid ads." Simoes said.

Olivia Wolski, a junior oceanography major, is strictly a Pandora user but does not mind the ads. "I love Pandora. I use it to listen to my 90's Disney station and pop hits. It usually gives me exactly what I want, and it's for free. That's the best part," Wolski said.

Many people also use YouTube to listen to songs fast, and even make playlists on their computers. Some features of YouTube are not as convenient on the iPhone or Android. YouTube will not play in the background on your phone; the video would have to be open for the music to continue playing.

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Embark on Both Real and Make-Believe Haunts Before Halloween

halloweenSo it is that time of year again, witches and ghouls and goblins oh my! It is the one time a year when people want a scare in their life. Of course there is always the scary movie section on Netflix but if you are looking for more thrill, New Jersey is the perfect spot to be. Not only is it home to hundreds of acres of farmland and cornfields, but it's close to haunted attractions in both New York and Pennsylvania.

First looking close to home, there is Casola Farms in Holmdel, located only 30 minutes away from campus. This small farm offers three attractions, a small haunted house, a pitch-black cornfield, and a startling hayride. Recently Monmouth University's Outdoors Club attended the event. The club advisor and an adjunct professor of the computer science and software engineering department, William Reynolds, said, "We had a group of 34 students and it was so much fun squeezing into a wagon designed for 30. My favorite part was the bogus cop car that chased us down."

Brittany Hintze, a freshman photography major, works at Casola Farms. You may find her chasing you through the cornfield and popping out at every hidden corner.

"The best part about working at Casola's haunted corn maze is seeing how every person reacts to being so scared!" Hintze said.

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Apps to Help Avoid Procrastination and Increase Productivity

Apps, apps, apps. We are constantly using the ones we like best and perhaps a little more often than necessary. Even the ones that sit on our home screen lifeless, not so much, but we still keep them around for some reason. For college students, apps usually serve as a means to procrastinate academic responsibilities. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are common culprits.

Sitting at your desk trying to start a paper that is due tomorrow? Scrolling on Instagram before you start seems like a harmless idea. Then, you realize it's a half hour later and you've managed to creep on ten different accounts, meanwhile, your Microsoft word template is blanker than your bank account.

There is no argument that certain features of these mobile apps can definitely get in the way of our progress. There are a number of apps, however, that can be especially useful to improving the every day lives of college students.

One of the key aspects to completing all your assignments on time is to be organized. is an app for this: it lays out a to-do list which you can create daily or weekly. It prioritizes your tasks in the order that you need them done. You can type to add new items to the list or use your voice to include them.

According to the app's website, it is used by millions and won app awards in 2012 by both Apple and Android. Similarly, Clear is another organizational app, but this synchronizes various to-do lists such as: grocery list, homework to do, etc. It syncs your task lits with other devices, making it easy to open in wifi.

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Balancing College Fashion of How to Remain Cute While Cozy

In a professional setting such as a summer business job, we dress to impress, but the fashion stereotype for college students tends to be lazy-wear. This, on the other hand, tends not to impress. Walking around campus you see many students wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts and while this is a completely acceptable style for college students, it is also admirable to dress fashionably.

Transitioning from that summer business job to college can be difficult because you were so accustomed to waking up every day and putting together a sophisticated outfit. Now, you are back in the college groove where the majority of students are dressed in extremely casual attire. So, you struggle between looking sophisticated and fitting in with the majority of college students.

Especially for girls, there seems to be a constant battle between throwing on a pair of your favorite sweats or dressing up for class. Yes, the first option might be easy, but it is not much harder to put together a neat outfit for the day.

Hailey Omiunu, a sophomore biology major, knows how this feels. "Some people love to put effort into how they look everyday and some people don't, everyone is different," said Omiunu.

"Personally I have days where sweatpants and a t-shirt are my best friend, and I feel great. But I tend to have more days where I really want to look nice, so I dress up and I feel even better. Everyone has their own style and should embrace it," continued Omiunu.

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Apple Orchards Around the State for Your Fresh Fruit Needs

20081121-orchards-1When autumn rolls around, it's time for one thing besides pumpkin spice latte's: it's time to take a trip to the local orchard.

In New Jersey, trips to the orchard in the fall are a tradition . Living in the garden state gives multiple opportunities and places for the public to get their fix of cider, in donut and drink form, and many more autumn staples.

Whether you live around Monmouth University, and can take a trip to Delicious Orchards or Battle View Orchards, or farther away to Terhune Orchards, the apples and other fruits are ripe and ready to be picked.

As a local resident of Princeton, my family takes a trip to Terhune Orchards every year. I stock up on cider, donuts and a few apples to bring back to Monmouth and my mom always likes to get a fresh Apple Walnut Pie from the Farm Market. The key to Terhune Orchards is grabbing a bag of cider donuts as soon as they come off of the truck from the bakery. They're slightly hot but you can wash them down with the apple cider, making the perfect sugary combination.

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