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The Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of BloggingBlogging has been around for a while, but never with as much force and popularity as it has now.

According to Social Media Today, 23 percent of internet time is spent on blogs and social networks, 77 percent of internet users read blogs, and 53.3 percent of bloggers are between the ages of 21 and 35.

Blogging has come a long way since the term “blog” was first used in 1997. Now, there’s a blog for every industry. Most people would think The Huffington Post is a legitimate news media outlet like CNN or The New York Times, and while for the most part, it is a credible and newsworthy site, it is only a blog.

With the continued rise in social media and digital marketing, blogging has become a great way for people to network, promote a business or product, spread awareness about an issue, or report news.

With the rise of blogging and the many different paths one can take, there are a lot of benefits that can come from writing a blog. People that are shy and don’t like speaking in public places or are too nervous and self-conscious to state their opinions to someone else have tremendous success in finding their voice through blogging. It allows people to share their experiences and thoughts without the nasty looks or judgments that a lot of people give to those who speak up. People feel safer when all they have to do is type and post and let those who want to visit the page to read.

Whether you are interested in writing about news, sports, entertainment, or the environment, there are no parameters when it comes to blogging. The options are endless and the results are positive. A junior communication student, Niki Kuczborski, took Social Media in PR with Professor Mary Harris where each student was tasked with creating and maintaining a blog throughout the whole semester.

“I think blogging benefited me in many ways. It allowed me to communicate more effectively, express my interests, and gain an audience with similar interests. I felt extremely confident in my writing, especially since people agreed with what I was saying.” said Kuczborski.

Sometimes, without that authoritative figure giving you instructions, that’s when people thrive. People like Ayse Yasas, a senior communication student, have found their inner voice through blogging. “I really enjoy writing and found a new love for writing because of it [the blog]. I love the idea of setting my own rules when it comes to writing because it makes it fun for me.” Yasas runs a fashion and lifestyle blog revolving around living a cruelty-free life when it comes to food and makeup. Her blog can be found at thriftyglamvegan.wordpress.com, on Instagram, and Facebook.

Through the widespread access of the Internet, when you blog, your potential audience is people from across the globe. Blogging allows for your work to be seen by a huge audience that you can’t reach from writing in print or locally. Not only will people read it from all parts of the world, you will be able to reach more of the target audience you’re looking for. It is in the blogging world you will find a community, a safe-haven, and a platform for you to speak your mind and have others who are interested read it.

Alexis Nulle, a communication instructor said, “It’s a great way to reach your audience and different virtual communities for business and personal purposes. Blogging is an ideal way to continue to build your professional portfolio and learn and listen from others.”

Blogs can even help you professionally to keep a portfolio of your work online for journalists to show their writing skills or even photographers to host their gallery online. The options are truly endless.

Technological advancements and the digital media industry have allowed for mass communication and an open forum for anyone to write about anything. Even if you write a blog on fashion, you can still branch off and write about how to get a job or eat healthier. Blogging is all about personalization and channeling your inner voice and thoughts.

 If you have something you are passionate about, knowledgeable about, an issue or current event you want to speak your mind on, get online and start a blog. You’ll find it easier to write and way more rewarding.

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