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SGA Hosts Forum for Interested Students

SGA ForumThe Student Government Association (SGA) recently held an open forum for interested students to learn more about the organization’s methods of operation and the various roles of their current leadership in Pozycki Auditorium, on Wednesday, Nov. 13. 

Mike Fazzino, SGA President and a senior communication student, detailed his presidential responsibilities and the day-to-day management of collaborating with Monmouth’s administration.

“I’m in charge of handling the more ‘big picture’ stuff like working with administration...  and you’ll hear when [Vice President] Chrissie [Santoriello] speaks, she handles more of the day-to-day actual senate matters,” Fazzino said. “I’m moreseo working with administration and the University itself a lot more.”

Fazzino also mentioned a planned meeting with President Patrick Leahy, Ed.D., to discuss ways in which the University can further their involvement with The Nest, a food pantry facilitated by SGA.

“There’s been a lot of talk from Vice President [for Student Life and Leadership Engagement Mary Anne] Nagy about how the University really wants to take control on the issue of food insecurity,” Fazzino said. “They’d take it out of our hands and solely run The Nest. We’ll be coming up with a plan on ways that the University can kind of step in and possibly give some financial aid.”

SGA meets every Wednesday to discuss current University and student matters, but Fazzino showed interest in scheduling an “outside meeting time” to host a community building talk, open to all.

“One of our initiatives this year is really working on community building,” Fazzino said. “We want to work harder on expanding our outreach and trying to make as much of a community feeling as possible. I want to set up a meeting time outside [of our regular meetings] so we can have an open dialogue.”

Santoriello described her position as “basically being in charge of the senate as a whole,” and detailed her ability to become the tie-breaking vote when a new club’s status is being evaluated.

“I oversee all the committees, and if they have any issues they come directly to me,” Santoriello said. “I help the President carry out what he wants to do with his year, and if the President leaves, then I become President.”

Mehdi Husaini, a senior biology student and former SGA president, described his current responsibilities as a support system for the President and Vice President, as well as nurturing any transitions of power.

A key facilitator of The Nest’s creation, Husaini also recalled the most recent collaboration with Fulfill, the foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County.

“We ended up feeding about 74 people, which for the weather and all that’s considered, was pretty decent,” Husaini said. “A lot were [not at Fulfill events in the past], so the word is getting out there and it’s spreading. We did have a little bit of concern about expired foods, and that has been brought up to Fulfill. We also sent out emails to the rest of campus, so hopefully that’ll be resolved. From now on we’ll be monitoring things in the future to make sure there’s no issues.”

Anthony Flores, SGA’s Chief Justice, described his role as the “parliamentarian,” as he ensures all parliamentary rules and procedures are being followed within Student Government.

“I aid the President and Vice President regarding any questions about the parliamentary procedure,” Flores said. “I also ensure that our constitution and bi-laws are up to date, and I work with any individuals to change them.”

Vaughn Clay, Ed.D, Director of the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services, and one of three SGA advisors (alongside Nagy and Amanda Klaus, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving), outlined his responsibilities towards the Student Government Association. “I’ve been here with SGA for 25 years, and it has been amazing to see the growth and transformation in time from when it was, quite honestly, a little combative between the advisors and the senate,” Clay said. “We try to work very hard to have a constructive relationship. We don’t always agree, and that’s okay, as I think what’s important is that we’re exchanging ideas.”

Clay evaluated SGA’s work so far for the semester and gave advice regarding matters moving forward, such as keeping up with expiration dates on The Nest’s food supply. An outline was also described regarding the future of commuter-based electronic lockers becoming available on campus.

“We are in the process of repurposing lockers that were in the sorority/fraternity life suite for commuter students,” Clay said. “We’re going to have 20 lockers available for commuter students, and we expect to have them up and going by the spring semester. They will have digital locks on them so they can be used on a daily basis. We’re still trying to figure out the location, as there’s not a lot of space in the student center currently.”

Husaini thanked prospective students for attending the open forum and applauded their sense of pride in their University. “It was really tough last year to get general members involved, and I really do commend you all for coming out and taking an active role in your community,” Husaini said.

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