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Communication Department Purchases New Television Studio Set

news-communication-departmentViewers may notice a change the next time they tune into their favorite program onHawk TV- a new set design.

In August, the Communication Department replaced the previous decade-old studio set that showed its age and imperfections due to the high-definition cross-over which occurred last school year.  Professor Chris Cavallaro, Advisor toHawk TV, was in charge of seeking out a studio set-design company who could provide the amenities at a reasonable purchasing price. 

“The company that we wound-up using, Gelbach Designs, had a very useful and thorough website which helped in the selection process,” said Cavallaro. “After viewing numerous set examples which would work best for the department’s needs, the TV faculty, including Department Chair, Dr.  Dell, decided on a general look and asked them for a quote.” 

Satisfied with the price of $40,000, the deal was made with Gelbach and manufacturing on the new set began.  It took eight weeks during the summer to complete. Once finished, the material was delivered to the Plangere Center.

Because the majority of the set consists of steel frames which require in-studio assembly, Cavallaro and a team of TV faculty members spent several days setting up the new design. “Once we put the steel frames together and built the desk and platform, the majority of the set was finished,” said Cavallaro. 

The structure of the set consists of two different designs.  The first design is a large curved frame and the second is an L-shaped frame.  One of the aesthetic qualities that will be apparent, once programs air, is a large mural that will show the front of Plangere and the Great Lawn side of Wilson Hall with the University logo in the center.  Cavallaro said that the graphic will help identify the University to the public. “Anytime someone is watchingHawk TVnews, they will know where it is coming from,” he said.  He also pointed out that the majority of the shows will have their own specific graphic logo as well. 

Dr. Chad Dell, Chair of the Department of Communication, is delighted with the change. “I think the set is terrific.  It raises our game to a whole new level,” said Dell.  Two features of the set that Dell highlights as overall advancements are its flexibility and versatility. 

“We are able to pull pieces off a set and customize it for a different feel for each show.  This allows for a great deal of aesthetic variety,” said Dell.

For example, ifHawk TVnews has a taping and immediately following that session is President Paul Gaffney’s monthly show, the studio set can quickly be rearranged to make it look presidential as opposed to news-oriented. 

Dell also mentioned the future possibility of having other projects taped in the studio. “The new set allows us to do more work with outside clients which is something we are more interested in doing,” he said.  Some of those outside clients areNJTVand thePerforming Arts Series, who may have expressed interest in interviewing some of the artists who perform at Pollak Theatre. news-communication-department-2

Although TV and Radio students and faculty are still in the process of putting the finishing touches on the new set, such as lighting, several students who work atHawk TVexpressed their satisfaction with the new look. Ray Bogan, Production Director at the station, said the improvement enhances the overall experience of working in a television studio.  “We have such an incredible facility with state-of-the-art equipment, but we’ve always lacked a professional set. Now that we have it to go along with our new HD equipment, students have a fantastic opportunity to work with equipment that is on the same level as many other professional production studios,” said Bogan.

Aaron Goldner, a senior, said, “This is a big step up. We are still in the process of learning and adjusting to the new feel of the studio, but so far it has been a pleasure to work with.”

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