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Winter Break Activities || Lifestyles

default article imageWith the semester winding down we tend to reflect back on everything that has happened but we also look forward to winter break. Winter break is a long time away from school that is filled with Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years that brings lots of excitement but once that is over what is there to do?

Winter break lasts a little over a month and after finals, it is necessary to set time aside to relax, but that gets boring fast. I know that for me I love being with my family and friends embracing the winter weather. Students look forward to the peacefulness of being home for the holidays and having no stress that comes with school work. After finals, it is a much-needed break for not only students but professors. Donna Dolphin, an associate professor of communication, said, “I love the winter break. Not only do I enjoy the weather but I love walking and hiking in the woods.”

Dolphin continued, “You can keep it local, or travel to a park. The New Jersey state parks are quite lovely.” Hiking is just one of the many fun winter break activities to keep you occupied. For those who love to be outside during the cold weather, there are so many options for activities. You could go skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing, they are all fun activities. It doesn’t have to be snowing to have fun hitting the slopes. As long as it’s cold the snow can be made.

Another common winter break activity is taking a quick trip to the city. Whether you venture to New York or Philadelphia, both places are great choices for a quick day trip to see a show or grab a bite to eat.

For those who might not like the frigid temperatures of the ski slopes or hiking what’s better than relaxing in front of the fireplace on a snowy day? Colleen Moretti, a junior communication student, said, “My favorite thing to do during winter break is grab a good book and relax. There is no better feeling than reading a good book on a chilly day.” For those who don’t enjoy the cold, reading is such a great activity to keep yourself busy and keep your mind active.

Another activity to that can keep you busy while staying inside is cooking. During the holiday season, baking cookies is a must. Whether they are homemade or from a tube, it is such a fun way to get into the spirit. Since winter break is so long there is even time for a weekend getaway or a long vacation. Brielle Kough, a junior psychology student, said, “My family and I go to Hersheypark during Christmas because they make a Christmas village. This is a tradition we do every year and is something I always look forward to.”

A weekend getaway can be much needed during the hectic holiday season. This is a great time to travel to new places without the stress of homework and missing school. After Christmas when you get a little money where is the best place to spend it? The mall, obviously. Although the mall can be quite hectic during the holiday season, there is no better place to go shop during the winter. A warm space that has access to all kinds of different stores under the same roof.

Whether you have money to spend or just want to look around the mall is the perfect place to have a little fun. Winter break brings so much to look forward to and new activities to experience. Try something new this break and make the most of your time without school work.