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How Have Freshman Grown In Their First Year At Monmouth? || Features

As the school year comes to a close, every student takes some time to look back and think upon how they’ve grown. It’s a special kind of feeling in that not a single person is the same as they were at the start as they now are at the end. Yet none have changed more so than the freshman, in their first year of their new life at a University. Their first year has likely been one of self-discovery, and will determine their place in the years to come.


Why Monmouth Was Not Worth My Money

By October of my senior year of high school, my kitchen table was already littered with postcards, letters, and magazines of potential colleges. Being from North Jersey, I could have easily went to Montclair State or William Paterson and lived at home. But I wanted to go away, to experience college life, and to spend some time away from my parents to grow into an ‘adult.’ I wanted to go far enough to live at school but not far enough to where I couldn’t hop in the car and get home whenever I needed a break.

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The Low Down on the Local Food Scene

No matter where you go to college, you can guarantee there will be places near you that you can eat. Of course, there’s always the local McDonald’s or Dominos, but I’m talking about food that you can feel good about eating (sometimes, for really good prices).A few weeks ago I discussed how we aren’t lacking local bars around Monmouth, and we definitely aren’t lacking food either. 


When Caring Too Much Becomes Too Much

Starting a relationship or friendship at any age is an exciting time in a person’s life. You get to meet a new person, find common interests, and get to know someone for who they really are. Of course, the two are very different in some ways, but a main factor of both relationships and friendships is that you have a companion there for you through thick and thin.