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Benefits of Exercise

default article imageExercise? I thought you said extra fries. I know, I would rather go through the McDonald’s drive-thru than put on those workout clothes too. However, I have found that when I do take the initiative to get in those workout clothes and break that sweat I feel a thousand times better.

 I dread working out, I argue with myself for hours and I take forever to put those workout clothes on. When working out finally wins, I feel so much better about myself. Exercising is an amazing form of self-love. It relieves my stress, helps me get those nine hours of sleep, gives me more energy, gives me more body confidence, and overall I feel better and happier throughout my day.

As college students, we experience tremendous amounts of stress daily from balancing classes, jobs, a social life, and those unavoidable, random, stress-inducing circumstances life loves to throw at us. In addition, this new social media-saturated age we live in creates stress with the constant need to know everything and to compare ourselves to everyone. Exercise is a huge outlet for college students to put down that book, close that app and to focus on themselves.

Stress really takes a toll on the body. It makes it hard to get a good night’s rest, impedes focus, induces a loss of appetite or cravings of unhealthy foods, causes a sluggish feeling throughout the day, etc. The combination of all these factors wreaks havoc on the skin and causes breakouts, dryness, and dullness.

The less stress you have the fewer skin issues you encounter. This is why working out is so important, it is an amazing outlet to alleviate all these negative effects of stress.

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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Stop Deleting Student Schedules for Late Payment Two Weeks before The Semester

default article imageWhy does our University withdraw students from classes for late payment two weeks before the start of the semester? 

This semester, 290 MU students were deregistered from classes for late payment.  The skyrocketing costs of college puts an enormous strain on families, particularly on families with more than one child attending college. 

One of the students deregistered this semester has four siblings in college, two of whom also attend Monmouth.  Can you imagine what it must be like for parents trying to put five kids through college?  Her parents are our society’s real-life superheroes and deserve to be treated better than this.

My sense is we’re swatting flies with sledgehammers with this family unfriendly deregistration policy.  Many of the 290 Monmouth students found themselves in shouting matches with parents over being withdrawn from classes, at least that’s what would be happening in my house.  My daughter would have a heart attack if withdrawn from classes two weeks before the start of the semester. 

And it’s during these needless family fights that faculty advisors like me are asked to reach out to students to offer help in reregistering for classes, which is socially awkward and a huge waste of time.

Re-registration takes a half hour per student since there’s no longer a record of the original registration once withdrawn. 

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The Keto Diet

Keto DietA majority of people wish to have a “shredded” body that is toned all over with a six-pack.

When motivated individuals decide it is time for a change they tend to either seek a gym membership or choose a strict diet, like ketogenic, in order to change their body style. The more successful ones choose both and are strict on both sides of the scale.

Ketogenic or “keto” is a diet that helps people to reach their fitness goals by losing weight and getting toned. The keto diet is a proven way to lose weight by avoiding foods high in carbohydrates.

So, sadly, no pasta and bagels, foods that are extremely difficult to stay away from in Jersey. The foods allotted will have very low or little to no carbohydrates, such as meat and vegetables. The diet also encourages the intake of foods high in fat, like nuts and avocados.

 I personally went on this diet last summer and I aimed for less than 20 grams of carbs per day. This was an extremely hard goal, some days I could not stay at 20 grams and would intake around 50 grams instead.

Along with the diet, I would also go to the gym religiously at least six times a week. Once one sees progress in the mirror and the formation of the body going in the right direction, it is hard to cheat or stop.

I woke up early and went to the gym before work every weekday and sometimes during the weekend too. After my workout, I would go home and eat two to three scrambled eggs, bacon and sometimes an avocado and a protein shake too.

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Is a Planner a Necessity?

Planner Necessity

With the start of school and student life seeming to get busier and busier each year, a planner has become an absolute necessity. With our nonstop use of technology, there has been thousands of ‘planner apps’ created to help us better navigate our busy lives, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Calendars by Readdle, and Planner Pro Daily Calendar. It sends you notifications such as texts and emails through the app all to remind you to change the time of that important meeting that you were set to do.

For the past couple of years, I’ve had a calendar on my dresser that I use to note upcoming tests, work times, and what my social life plans are, but that’s the extent of my “organized planner.” Fast forward to my birthday this past spring, one of my best friends and her fiancé gifted me a true planner and it has become life changing.

There was a time not too long ago where I attempted to remember all of my plans, events, school work, etc. mentally and it became too overwhelming (as it would for anybody). Staying organized is the key to feeling less apprehensive about what you have to get done.

According to the Just Plain Marie website, there are six different types of planners: include personal and daily; home and family; finance and budget; bullet journals; work projects and health; and diet and fitness. Depending on your personal preference, planners come in many different sizes and yes, textures. You could go from a high-end leather planner to a small pocket size planner made out of hard cardboard paper.

Planners can be expensive though, don’t be fooled. They range in cost from really cheap to expensive. There are plenty of cheap options for those who do not want to break the bank

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Goals = Success

default article imageGoals are always a great thing to have for yourself when starting a new school year. Having goals are important because of the directions it can lead us. Setting goals and sticking to them can lead to achievement.  Some of my goals for this school year are to be better at prioritizing my schoolwork, time management, traveling, and pursuing new hobbies.

This year, I will have the motivation to be better at time management, by doing all my homework the day it is assigned. This will give me the opportunity to plan my week out with assignments that are due and exams that I have to study for. (Also, by prioritizing the assignments I will know what I have to get done before moving onto the next task.)

Every school year is different from the last; a fresh start to explore and try new things. Whether it is exploring new hobbies or clubs during the school year, I think this is something that will benefit me in the future.

I recently joined Monmouth University’s online publication, The Verge. Also, I am continuing to write for the student newspaper, The Outlook. I thought that it would be beneficial to join and explore different things that will help me achieve my goals within my major.

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Preparing for a Job Interview

default article imageOne of the many things you have to get ready to do when you are about to graduate from college or are still in college is look for a job. This process can be tedious, but if you have an updated resume showing off your skills and experience, and you are able to provide a good first impression, you are going to breeze through and get a job with ease. One of the most important processes, is having an interview with a company. The position you are applying for is unique, but so are you. What people become nervous about, is the types of questions that may be presented when you walk into the room nervously and sit down across from your possible future boss. There are thousands of possible questions an employer might ask an interviewee.  Here are some possible sample questions that you might want to consider if you are going on a job interview.

  1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  2. What do you know about the company?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What are your greatest professional strengths?
  5. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
  6. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you’ve faced at work, and how you dealt with it.
  7. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  8. What are you looking for in a new position?
  9. What’s a time you exercised leadership?
  10. How would your boss and co-workers describe you?
  11. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

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Finding the Perfect Summer Job

Finding Summer JobSummer. Summer is something that, as a kid, you knew was coming. As soon as Memorial Day Weekend ended, the countdown begun.

Each and every student has their own path of what their summer will entail. Some students study abroad, take summer classes, work, travel, or spend time with their families in their family beach house or spend time with their family minus the beach house. But for most college students, they work. The common answer for college student employment is serving, hostessing or bussing in a restaurant, working on the boardwalk serving ice cream or ripping off tickets to get on your favorite ride, using your hands as the extra pair for a landscaping and lawn businesses, working on the beach checking tags, and the list smothers on and on.

So, what is the best summer job? If you live in central jersey (and yes, this does exist) then you’re familiar with beach clubs. If you live in Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Oceanport, Rumson, Deal, Ocean, Asbury, Neptune, Long Branch, West Long Branch, Little Silver, Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls, or Middletown then you’re very educated on what a beach club is, even if you aren’t part of one. Beach clubs are great places to spend your summer, they have a pool, beach access, a snack bar and sometimes an adult bar along with a playground for the little ones to keep occupied. A beach club is the best summer job to have. You meet people from all over, so it’s great for networking. It’s also great because you’re working on the ocean and you’re getting paid for it! There truly is nothing better.

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Dogs Have Emotions

default article imageIf you live with a dog you just know when it’s happy or miserable, don’t you? Of course you do. Even though scientists cannot directly measure what dogs are experiencing, they admit that dogs have emotions. According to Newsweek, “a study of 975 dog-owning adults, found that in times of emotional distress most people were more likely to turn to their dogs than their mothers, fathers, siblings, best friends, or children.”

With these numbers, it is not surprising then that dogs are the most commonly used animal in terms of animal therapy. Dogs are used more and more in a variety of mental health programs. These programs with dogs offer companionship, happiness and a love that is unconditional.

There is a common misconception about the types of dogs used to help those in need. Therapy dogs are not the same as service dogs. People confuse the two, but service dogs are trained to execute specific tasks for people who have disabilities. An example of this would be a dog who guides an owner who is blind.

A therapy dog is one who goes with its owner in a volunteer setting, such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Benefits of therapy dogs include; lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, releasing calming endorphins, and lowering overall physical pain. Pet therapy is becoming a common way for experts to improve patient’s social, enthusiastic, and mental functioning.

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Coffee Options Increase with Warm Weather

Hot Iced CoffeeAs the temperature changes from those frigid single digit numbers to high 60’s during the day and low 50’s at night, the conversation has begun yet again of Iced Coffee vs. Hot Coffee. Both coffees are exactly the same but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, one has ice and the other doesn’t; there’s your difference!

But to break it down even further, there are people that will strictly drink hot coffee and think iced is gross, or they will strictly drink iced and think hot is gross. Coffee, just like everything else, is based on personal preference.

Here are my thoughts on which you should choose; if you’re a first-time coffee drinker, get cold brew. When ice is added to the coffee, it separates the rich taste that coffee has and breaks it down to make it less “insane” when it hits your pallet. But in general, definitely iced coffee. What to put in your coffee will depend on what you like. If you enjoy the coffee taste, do cream, milk, half & half, almond milk or coconut milk. If you want a little sweeter, ask for sugar.

As for hot coffee, if you’re home, try a creamer that’s not too sweet and do half a spoonful of raw sugar, this is what I highly recommend. If you run out to get your hot coffee, ask for cream and sugar because some places have different coffee beans than others so cream and sugar will keep it simple and standard across the board.

Dunkin’ has many different flavors when it comes to their coffee from caramel mocha, mocha, butter pecan, caramel, French vanilla, cookie dough, white chocolate raspberry, and rocky road. My advice if you go with one of these choices is to order as follows: medium hot mocha coffee with cream. No. Sugar. It’s already sweet enough and the sugar will be a massive overload! But, if you like the sweet, then go for it.

The place at which to get your coffee is not something people thought about 10 years ago, but now new and hip coffee places are popping up left and right. Where to get your coffee will be based on what you like, how strong you like your coffee, and if freshness is important to you. Dunkin’ has a large number of flavors and blends. The breakdown of blends includes Original Blend, Dark Roast, and Dunkin’ Decaf. The flavored shots, that are unsweetened and sugar free, consist of French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Coconut. Lastly, the flavored swirls consist of Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Mocha. If you’re looking for freshness from Dunkin’, the best time to go is in the morning before 9am. Anytime after that, you may run into some problems of the coffee not being good or fresh.

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Running a Marathon? No Thanks

Running MarathonDo I want to run a marathon? No. Hard no.

I don’t even like running around the block. I definitely do not want to train and put my body through hell to run 26.2 miles. I am sure that if I were to complete a marathon I would feel very accomplished, like I had just conquered the world.

Oh well.

My uncle ran in a few marathons but after a while he said that he had had enough. He was tired of wearing his body down. My high school softball coach was an avid runner. He would run every half-marathon and marathon in the area. He would run a race and then come to softball practice directly after. I don’t know how he stood on his legs for three hours after the races.

Every year my tennis team participates in the Red Bank Crop Walk. This is a five mile walk/ run to raise money to end hunger. I walk every year. I couldn’t even run the five miles if I wanted to. Sure, we run during tennis practice and matches, but that’s only a few steps per every shot that we hit. After the first half mile, my knees would burn like a match was lit inside of them. Then my right shoulder would begin to ache with every stride. Then my ankles. And let’s not forget about my breathing. I would really be sucking air during this five mile run that is a walk around the block in comparison to a marathon.

Over Spring Break I went on a trip to Puerto Rico with my parents. While we were there a Iron Man race was taking place. This is even more extreme than a marathon. The participants swim in the ocean, bike, and then run. The participants looked like they were struggling. How could anyone enjoy that?  It just seems painful. 

But just because I would never run a marathon does not mean that I have no respect for the people who do. I have even more respect for them, professionals and amateurs alike.

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Major Trouble

default article imageIn my most honest approach to this topic, I believe I should begin with the fact that it took me years to choose a major; not because I did not know what I felt most passionate about, but because of shame and self-doubt.

Most people who are in college go to college in order to look forward to a future with stability: a stable job, a stable income, a stable lifestyle, and jeopardizing such stability would defeat the whole purpose of investing about $50,000 (a year) in your education. Such is the grand belief I had for myself; that while I was unsure of what I wanted for my future, stability and consistency was a must. Especially for someone of troubled background with the responsibility to make something grandiose of myself as first generation. So my freshman year of college I came in as a STEM major, which I knew I was good at, seemed promising, and would impress family and friends.

I learned the very harsh way that not all that is gold is for you. I did well, and I enjoyed my first semester at college, but very quick did I realize that when times were stressful or things seemed pointless, I leaned on literature to get me through. The arts, they have always been crutches in my life; as a toddler, when I used to “read” to a crowd of teddies (much as I knew nothing about the differences between the letter z and t); as a middle schooler, I felt handicapped in America for not speaking English and reading in said language until English became a fluent passage to a world of more art; as a teenager, when, well, teenage things occur and we begin to let our dreams die, I only dreamt bigger.

Yet how could I even fathom a major in the arts? All my life I did most of my research in the STEM field. I’ve never considered the idea of a non-STEM major and therefore I was unprepared; realistically, the only thing I thought anyone could do with an English major was to… teach? I was unsure if I wanted to end up teaching either, but I did not want the misery that came with doing hard work and no enjoyment for my future.

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