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Monmouth University: "A Green Campus"

Green Campus 1Any time you receive an email from a faculty member on campus, you will see on their signature right below the Monmouth University logo, a green leaf. Next to the leaf, it reads, “We are a green campus. Think before you print.”

It’s blasphemous that this “green campus” does not practice what it preaches.

In my junior year at Monmouth, one thing has never changed: our lack of recycling. Sure, you see the recycling bins in every building. There are even some recycling bins placed side by side with no trash bin alternative next to it, like right outside of The Outlook’s office.

But in fact, when you place your plastic cup or food containers in the recycling bin, it does not matter. Most custodians combine the recycling into the same bags that hold the trash.

On an even more troubling note, there are plenty of trash bins campus-wide that are not labeled for recycling or trash.

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Taking a 'W'

default article imageWhen you hear that someone had to withdraw from a class or is thinking of withdrawing from a class, your initial reaction is that they are probably failing the class, cannot handle the workload, or just do not want to deal with a hard class. But that is not always the case. Withdrawing from a class is perfectly fine, sometimes these things happen and they can for multiple reasons.

Before coming to Monmouth, I attended Brookdale Community College for three years and earned my Associate Degree in Psychology. On my way in doing so, I had to withdraw from two classes early on. Having to withdraw, without a doubt, is one of the worst feelings ever. It is a feeling of thinking you are not enough. But that fear gets better once you realize you had to drop the class to save your GPA, even if it was a total waste of your money.

There are pros and cons to withdrawing from a class or multiple classes, but the cons outweigh the pros. I would be interested to find someone who could tell me otherwise. The pro of withdrawing from a class, the one and only, is dropping the class because it is in the running to ruin your GPA.

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Good Study Habits

Good HabitsPracticing good time management and good study habits is key when trying to accomplish your homework. Setting a regular time at least every other day to study is a perfect way to stay on the right track. To be successful in college you must find good study habits and organizational skills that work best for you.

For me, recording assignments in a planner helps me remember what I have to complete. I find it quite beneficial for me to write everything down that is important to get done.

However, everyone is different and has their own way of handling things that they need to get finished. Not every option will work for everyone, there are so many study habits and ways to get homework done. The key is to find what works best for you.

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default article imageHalloween in college is much different from when we were younger. In fact, rather than celebrating on October 31 itself, it is an all-weekend event.

For many schools, at least in New Jersey, the weekend is known as “Halloweekend.” Halloweekend is a weekend full of fun where students spend a lot of time going out with their friends to different parties or events all while wearing costumes.

Depending on what day the holiday falls on, Halloweekend could be considered two days or sometimes even four. This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday, so we all know it will be at least three days of celebrating for us students.

 As fun as this sounds, it is often a long and annoying process that you must plan for well in advance because each day means a different costume. College students have to come up with at least three or four costumes for this one holiday. Many students, especially girls, plan accordingly by thinking of costumes in early October so there is ample time for costumes to be purchased and delivered.

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Why First-Year Seminar Should Stay

Seminar StayI believe that the voting committee has made a terrible mistake by getting rid of First-Year Seminar as a university-wide general education requirement for the class of 2024 and incoming classes beyond.

There are a lot of mixed reviews out there on this matter. First-Year Seminars crack open many different opportunities for First-Year students that they simply will not receive in their other coursework.

To start, the purpose of general education is to ensure our graduates are well-rounded and have been exposed to different areas of study. Some students felt that this course was a waste of their scholarly time at Monmouth because the content of their First-Year Seminar did not coincide with their major.

A clear majority of your general education requirements are not necessarily supposed to align to your comfort zone, after all, how can your coursework prove that you are a well-rounded graduate if your audit has no diversity whatsoever?

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Combating Climate Change

Combating ClimateAs a science-based major, I come from a background where everything needs to be supported by forms of evidence or definite proof. I also care for the world we live upon. With that being said, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that justifies that yes, climate change is occurring due to a multitude of factors both human and naturally and that yes, something should be done about it.

That is why when someone does not “believe” in climate change, it seems quite absurd. Climate change should not even be a debate nor a belief.

Humans, since the rise of the industrial revolution, have utilized and produced high levels of carbon and other toxic emissions from the burning of fossil fuels that are slowly deteriorating our atmosphere. We can see the impacts with the loss of species and ecosystems to abnormal environmental conditions—but what can we do about it?

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Sustainable Food

default article imageMany people do not know that the way we produce and consume our food (especially animal products) is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Paul Hawken in Drawdown the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming says, “The most conservative estimates suggest that raising livestock accounts for nearly 15 percent of global greenhouse gasses emitted each year.”

Honestly, I always believed that people went vegan just to save animals. However, I have learned recently that it is much more than that. Practicing a plant-based diet not only saves the lives of animals but also limits greenhouse gas emissions.

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How to Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress

If you went through Kindergarten up to Senior Year of High School, then you probably experienced minimal stress with school, if any at all. However, once you got to college, there is a high chance that stress came into your life and took over your whole demeanor. I know this because this is what I have experienced.

I never knew what stress was like until the college workload took over my life. I have constant stomachaches and my chest feels as if I am going to explode. Therefore, I took some time for myself to figure out how I was going to manage my personal life, social life, 20 hours at work, and a full-time schedule.

So, here I am 5 years later and set to graduate in December and I think I have figured out a few ways that help to relieve my stress.

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Relationships in College

default article imageRelationships can be a big responsibility when you are navigating college and all of your obligations. Relationships in college can be a blissful experience for some, while others find them challenging and complicated.

Many people define relationships differently—it can be open, exclusive, official, or together but in that unofficial stage. One’s definition and personal preferences when it comes to relationships can greatly influence whether having a relationship in college is a pleasant experience.

With being in a relationship, you learn so much about yourself. Such as, what you deserve and the standards you hold for yourself. It also eases the need to impress others when you have someone.

When you are in a relationship at this age, you can still have your own life. You can still go out with friends and live your life while having a significant other.

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Fall Fun

default article imageFall is approaching faster than we know it! The relentless summer weather and the up and down temperature change does not falter our seasonal excitement. Once October first comes a heightened aroma of changing leaves, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, and most importantly, Halloween hits!

Fall activities have been a repetitive and traditional idea surrounding the fall season. Whether its pumpkin or apple picking or bonfires it’s good to keep up with tradition.

But one should always take a step out of their comfort zone and try something new. It could also be something you could do right at home if you don’t feel like leaving your space.

If you plan on staying home and feel like being creative, head outside, grab some leaves, and paint them. You could also make your own scarecrows with things you find around the house or outside, which is something different for the season. If you’re more of a foodie, there are hundreds of fall recipes waiting to be made. Simply speaking, you could try caramel apples, trail mix, or pumpkin spice cookies!

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Should You Watch Sports on TV?

Sports TVWatching sports of any kind takes a certain type of person. You do not have to be an athletic person to watch sports, but to actually sit down and watch them in any capacity you have to understand them or be willing to learn about them.

For some sports, it is best to watch in person and be there in the moment, whereas for others it is better to lounge around in your pajamas watching it on television. The best way to decide what way to watch a sport is how big of a fan you are, do you like cheering and is food more important.

No matter where you are watching there are rules to be followed, like shut up and enjoy the game. Commentary is unnecessary unless you are cheering, yelling at the other team or at the bad call the refs made. Another rule is that food must be included, whether it’s a stadium hot dog or some pizza on the couch, it is not a sports game without the proper game food.

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