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Who Goes To The Movies Anymore?

Going to the movies used to be a fun, spontaneous plan. Had nothing to do on a Friday night? Let’s go catch a movie!

Nowadays, there are multiple reasons that start to beg the question: is it even worth it to go to the movies anymore?

To start off, the fact that going to the movies consists of me spending a month’s salary just at the concession stand is bothersome!

Not only are the concessions expensive, but they are downright unhealthy. There are no healthy alternatives to the yellow, buttered popcorn, and even if you wanted to bring your own healthy substitute, it is prohibited. I can remember various times where I have snuck food into the theatre, hoping to save money and snack healthier. Now, they check your bags to make sure you do not bring in outside food or drinks.

While snacks costing a month’s salary is an exaggeration, movie tickets now can run you at least fifteen dollars a ticket. I feel like my grandmother writing this but I can remember a time when going to the movies used to be an easy, affordable outing. Now you have to be prepared to spend big bucks!

When I was younger, my family and I would go to the theatres for movie marathons. By marathons I mean that we would buy a ticket for one movie, watch that movie, and then afterwards sneak into another theatre for a second film. If we were lucky, we would find three movies that would run back to back to back.

We did this for the thrill of it. But, if you go to the movies nowadays, you have to see more than one movie to make it worth the money.

It is also unfortunate that movie seats are picked in advance. In a lot of new theatres, they have renovated the seats, making them larger.

In these theatres, you will have to online or when you get there, pick the exact seat you will be sitting in for the movie. I remember one of the last times I went to the movies with my friends; we wound up having to sit in pairs since all the available chairs were scattered. What good is going to the movie theatre with your friends if you cannot even sit with them?

Another reason to avoid the movie theatre is the fact that there is so much entertainment we already have at our fingertips. You can watch regularly scheduled television or on demand. There is also Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu or sites like these where you just have set up an account and pay a small monthly fee. 

These sites usually even give the first month you sign up for free! Amazon and Apple also allow you to rent a myriad of movies. With so much entertainment readily available, for much cheaper, why make the effort?

Which brings me to my next point, and probably the leading reason: comfort. No matter what they do with those theatre seats, they will never be your couch at home! You will crane your neck the whole time; people will be talking in front of you, with their phone ringing and screen glaring in the dark room; a baby will be crying.

Nothing compares to being on your own schedule, no distractions from strangers and being able to pause the movie so you can use the bathroom without missing anything. 

If you do choose to make the effort of going to the movies, we luckily have a lot of older running theatres in this area! There is Bow Tie Cinemas Red Bank Theater, Beach Cinema in Bradley Beach, and Bow Tie Strathmore Cinemas in Asbury Park.

Monmouth University also shows recent movies, voted on by students in the beginning of the semester, every Saturday night in Hesse Hall with free popcorn! These are cool convenient experiences that are worth your while!

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