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Implications of the Word “Christmas Break” || Opinion

At last, Thanksgiving is over and now everyone can finally start getting ready for Christmas. You turn on nearly every radio station and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” song is blaring through the speakers. Whether you are alone or with friends, everyone sings Christmas music to the top of their lungs. Every snap chat story or Instagram feed is filled with people setting up their Christmas trees.

Fall Break

Fall Break? Fall Break.

As October is finally here, there is one thing I’m sure most of us are thinking about…Fall Break. The semester is starting to pick up and classes are becoming busier and busier. The summer daze is finally wearing off and we are fully immersed in classes and extracurricular activities. We have stopped counting the hours of sleep we are getting or the cups of coffee we are consuming. The due dates of assignments start to appear faster and the anxiety of classes are now in full swing.