Fall Break

Fall Break? Fall Break.

As October is finally here, there is one thing I’m sure most of us are thinking about…Fall Break. The semester is starting to pick up and classes are becoming busier and busier. The summer daze is finally wearing off and we are fully immersed in classes and extracurricular activities. We have stopped counting the hours of sleep we are getting or the cups of coffee we are consuming. The due dates of assignments start to appear faster and the anxiety of classes are now in full swing.

Fall break gives students and faculty a time to catch their breaths. In such a fast pace society, we sometimes forget the power of breaks. There are many schools that do not give fall breaks because they do not feel it is necessary to take more time out of the academic school year.  Emma Stukenberg a senior at Monmouth University said, “Fall break is important especially to freshmen who are transitioning into college. It is most likely their first time being away from home and it allows them to spend time with their family and refresh before continuing the rest of the semester.” 

The Monmouth Plague is in full effect right now. Think to yourself how you have been feeling lately. As the temperatures start to fluctuate there starts to become more sicknesses roaming around campus. Especially, when living in the dorms it becomes a Petri dish of sickness. Having a break does not only help your mental health but also your physical health. Getting away from your dorm rooms for a few days can improve your health immensely.

Mental health is a very prevalent issue for college students in today’s society. There is great pressure of performing at high levels in the classroom. This stress can cause a lot of issues not only in short terms but also long term. A study done by the Associated Press said, that eight in ten college students have experienced some type of stress in their daily lives. As a result, stress can cause students to perform at lower levels because the pressure is crippling.

While most schools do not have fall break, Monmouth values the physical and mental health of their students. Maryn Hubiak, a sophomore transfer student said, “Having this opportunity of a fall break makes me more relaxed because I know I’ll have the time I need to catch up on work and sleep. Also, I am excited to be able to go home to see my family as I value family greatly.” Fall break gives students the opportunity to go home and see their family or friends.

However, if people choose to stay on campus they can request to stay in the dorms. Even though those students are not going home they still have the opportunity for some free time whether it is to catch up on work or rest.

A major draw that Monmouth has over other Universities is their investment in the students. This shines through with making the time to give their students breaks. Every school should make it a priority to make sure their students are not too stressed and giving them a break is a great start.

PHOTO TAKEN by Caroline Mattise