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Best Streaming Services

default article imageThroughout my four years at Monmouth University, I’ve always classified spring semester as prime snowstorm real-estate. It’s almost certain that us Hawks will have to fly through one major snow storm during the second half of the academic year. 

With the abundance of snow comes class cancellations, procrastination and a bunch of binge watching TV shows and movies.  So many people go back and forth about which streaming service is the best for these kinds of days.  For me, it’s between Hulu and Netflix.

I think both services share a lot of the same characteristics that make them equally as enjoyable.  They both have their own original shows and movies, from Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Marvel’s Runaways to Netflix’s popular movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and it’s addictive thriller series You. 

They also have the “My List” or “My Stuff” options that function as a sort of bookmark for the things you want to watch later on.  Let’s not forget the way they both categorize their selection by genres, from kids programming to comedies and everything in between. 

I started out as a loyal Netflix consumer and stuck with that for a while, solely because it was the most popular one at the time and no one else really seemed to be obsessing over any other service.  I guess to be fair, I never really did my research as far as what the different streaming services have to offer.

But as I found less and less to watch this past summer, I got bored and decided to buy a subscription to Hulu.  Let me tell you, I should have done this sooner.

Not to peg it as the winner, but Hulu definitely helps me out when it comes to keeping up to date with the TV shows that are broadcasted during the week.  I don’t have a TV at school, so being able to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor or This Is Us on Hulu makes keeping up with my shows a lot easier.

Sure, I can go from website to website watching each episode from different shows, but I think Hulu allows my brain to keep all my shows in order and reminds me that there are new episodes to be viewed. 

I’ve only had Hulu for a couple of months, but I think Netflix is the real winner for me.  I only have to pay $9 a month as opposed to the $12 a month Hulu makes me pay to have commercial free content. They have a lot of different shows and movies to offer, both originals and others. 

I wouldn’t have been exposed to great shows like Stranger Things or Black Mirror (and I mean come on, who didn’t love Black Mirror’s interactive movie, Bandersnatch?) if I didn’t opt to buy a Netflix subscription.  Netflix has been around the longest, so it only makes sense that the king of media streaming remains comfortably at the top of the streaming service pyramid.

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