Powerful Podcasts

Powerful PodcastsMusic has always been my go to when I get in the car to drive. When I got home and plopped in my bed, the television was always what I put on.

I was never a person to read in my free time or pick up a newspaper so the only place I was ever really learning was at school. But my whole world changed when I was introduced to podcasts.

Podcasts are the greatest thing ever invented. I had to take Online Journalism over the summer and I absolutely hated podcasts because I was terrible at making them. Once I started listening to them, the class actually gave me respect for the people who are good at them. The podcast I am going to focus on throughout this piece is Joe Rogan’s.

If you have not listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast then you should be suffering from a severe case of FOMO. I know what you’re thinking for those of you who don’t listen to podcasts, “That sounds boring. I don’t want to listen to someone talk for two hours. I have better things to do.” I know that because that’s how I felt until I gave it a chance. Joe Rogan’s podcast changed my mind and I know it will definitely change yours too.

You can find his podcasts on YouTube if you’re someone who wants to see the interaction. If you’re someone who cares a little less about watching it, then you can use the Podcast app which will provide you with each available episode. When you first start watching/listening, in order to really get the full experience, you have to pick your episode wisely. He has all different people on his show so each episode appeals to different audiences. They talk about a wide range of topics going from social psychology to UFC fights to politics. Rogan has had Dr. Phil come on, Mike Tyson, Travis Barker, Elon Musk. He doesn’t discriminate against who he has on the show at all. Rogan exposes himself to people who have opinions that differ from his own and he demonstrates pure critical thinking.

The more I listen, the less I care about who’s on the show. It has all become a learning experience for me. I really like his podcast because it’s an opportunity to absorb information in an effortless manner. I throw his podcast on in the car every day on my way to school and I get the chance to be introduced to so many new things and in turn, I learn more about myself. I find out what I’m interested, I become exposed to current and universal issues, I get introduced to new public figures. It’s a good way to broaden horizons and open your mind.

Listening to podcasts has almost become a form of meditation for me. I turn it on and I tune into it and for that time period I get to escape from my own reality. I really think that everyone should give podcasts a chance and if it’s not Rogan’s that interests you, then there are a million different ones to choose from. Who knows, you might even want to start one yourself!

PHOTO TAKEN by Caroline Mattise