Social Media Struggles

default article imageAre you scrolling through Instagram right now (maybe not at this exact moment because you are reading this, but moments prior to reading this) and finding yourself wishing you were someone else?

Maybe you do not want to completely change everything about yourself, but you find yourself constantly comparing physical attributes to other people. It is virtually impossible to not feel jealous when you see images of people who appear to be perfect. They have the perfect family, body, and seems to be getting paid from various social media outlets just for how they look.

Their appearance on social media makes it seem like they do not have any problems and makes you feel worse about yourself. Of course, you should not wish problems on other people but, life can be stressful and it is helpful knowing that you are not alone. However, when someone is having a bad day social media can make a bad day worse by giving the false appearance that some people do not have any struggles in their lives.

 For me personally, I have felt this type of jealously from scrolling through my Instagram feed. Then, I took a step back and realized I am in power of whom I choose to see on my various social media accounts. Many of the people I see on my feed who I feel most jealous and envious of are the ones who I chose to click the follow button at the top of the page.

I play a lacrosse at Monmouth, which is a spring sport, so every year spring break is the most challenging time for my fellow teammates and me. There are countless Snapchats or Instagram pictures being posted daily of the fun vacations everyone is having.

However, this spring break I chose to approach it differently, being a senior I wanted to soak in the opportunity I have to spend a whole week with my team without any other students being on campus. Instead of wishing, I was someone else, I decided to just be happy for being me.

 We all have the choice of how we feel about ourselves. If the Victoria secret model you follow on Instagram makes you question your beauty or worth then unfollow her. Instead, follow the people who will spark change and give you encouragement or helpful advice on social media.

Social media can be a very powerful too, giving people a voice on a very large platform. If you are a female athlete like myself, follow the US soccer team on Instagram and join them in their fight to create equal pay for female athletes. If you have specific interests or desires then use Instagram or social media to help spark different ideas or give you more insight on those specific areas.

However, most importantly decide that you are good enough. Be in control of your own thoughts and feeling because at the end of the day all you have is yourself. Life is too short to wish you were someone else. So, follow the people who will make you feel the best you can, because you are worth it.