Relationships in College

default article imageRelationships can be a big responsibility when you are navigating college and all of your obligations. Relationships in college can be a blissful experience for some, while others find them challenging and complicated.

Many people define relationships differently—it can be open, exclusive, official, or together but in that unofficial stage. One’s definition and personal preferences when it comes to relationships can greatly influence whether having a relationship in college is a pleasant experience.

With being in a relationship, you learn so much about yourself. Such as, what you deserve and the standards you hold for yourself. It also eases the need to impress others when you have someone.

When you are in a relationship at this age, you can still have your own life. You can still go out with friends and live your life while having a significant other.

Even though people have their own opinions about relationships and dating at this age, I believe that if you feel it is the right time, go for it! Every relationship is unique, different and comes with its own challenges.

Many enter into college with a relationship, but cannot stand the test of time. Why? Most of the time people find the long distance to be hard. In addition, it can be difficult to arrange one’s schedules to find a balance between schoolwork, a social life, and time for their significant other. This can cause a strain on the relationship.

College, itself is an experience. People are entering into a new phase in life and are excited to grow through developing new friendships. However, sometimes, these new friendships can cause significant others to become jealous and create trust issues.

A con about relationships in college is being in one with someone that does not go to the same college as you. Distance is hard when you and your partner are trying to take advantage of all the opportunities college has to offer.

Everyone in college is evolving and realizing what they want and need throughout their experience in college.

Other issues of dating in college are that everyone is on different schedules and is trying to manage their responsibilities all while trying to maintain a social life.

There is also the problem of when your significant other or you may get jealous of others. Jealousy is a big deal that many relationships come across in college. Everyone gets jealous from time to time, especially in college where everyone knows each other and has dated other people.

Everyone has their own opinions about relationships in college, and whether or not it they good or bad. I really believe that it depends on the two people and if they are ready to devote all their time and energy to their relationship at this time in their life.

Every college student’s life is different and they all want different things. When the time comes, things will fall into place. Timing is everything and without the perfect timing, relationships will not work and feel rushed and less meaningful.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University