Is September the New October?

Fall is right around the corner…or is it already here?

Whenever I think of fall, I think of Halloween, pumpkins, crispy leaves of red, yellow, and brown all over the green grass and on the windshield of my car. I think of cozy sweaters, leggings, and hot coffee instead of cold, iced coffee. Let’s not forget pumpkin spiced foods and drinks. The warm weather abruptly comes to an end and a hint of a winter breeze flows through the air. I think of October when it comes to this, not September.

For September, I am still wearing shorts, tank tops, and open-toed shoes. Since we are right at the Jersey Shore and the beach is only a few minutes away, there is still time for beach trips when we are not in classes or stuck doing schoolwork. The weather is still warm enough to sit on the beach with the warm summer sun beaming down on our heads (make sure you continue to wear your sunscreen!).

However, stores have been preparing for fall way before Sept. 21, which is the official first day of fall. Stores are starting to sell fall and Halloween decorations and seasonal items. At the end of August, I walked into Michael’s to find their summer seasonal items were in the back of the store and their seasonal session was filled with fall and Halloween items. Some of those items were even on sale between 30 to 40 percent off for reward members.

At PetSmart, they began to put up Halloween costumes for animals (and believe it or not, some of their stuff is on clearance already!). A few weeks ago, when I walked into Target, they were setting up their Halloween candy display. Spirit Halloween even opened at the end of August and the store was packed with costumes and decoration. Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks even have their pumpkin flavored drinks out. I even saw a few houses with Halloween and fall decorations out on their lawn.

A senior undergraduate student named Michelle thought it was too early for people to start decorating for the season. She said, “I do not think so since it’s already in the stores, so people are adapting.” She also mentioned how it “shows everyone is getting ready for the next season.” Michelle is excited for the fall season and is ready to move on from the summer.

On the other hand, , a graduate student, named Bradley disagreed. “I am not a big fan of September because I like the summer. The transition to fall from summer is not the easiest.” I asked him if he felt this eagerness for fall to be here is taking away the end of the summer. He said, “Yes.”

I agree with Bradley. We should try and enjoy these last few days of summer while it is here.

Associate Professor of English and Department Advising Coordinator, Lisa Vetere, Ph.D., said, “September is still alive…it’s a beautiful month and I would not want to see it be taken away.” She also made a good point of mentioning, “September is the start of a new school season.”

So, is September becoming the new October? Some people may say yes, and some people may say no. I would like to say no, but I see October is trying to take over the month of September. There is no denying that the stores are the ones to be contributing to this. Stores want us to spend our money on fall and Halloween decorations to start decorating our homes for the holidays. They are urging us to start buying Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters due to a shortage of candy. As much as I want to believe in the shortage, I can’t help but to think if it ties into the scheme of getting people to want to celebrate Halloween early and take the month of September away from us.

My birthday is in the month of October, so I may be a bit biased to say I want to rush October to be here, but I also want to enjoy September and the very last bit of summer weather before a cold, dreadful winter.

So, let’s take a moment to enjoy the month of September. Enjoy this new semester starting and get involved in the campus community. Enjoy the last few days of being able to travel to the beach and still be able to wear shorts, tank tops, and open-toed shoes. When the cold weather in late October comes, you are going to wish it was warmer and not having to wear layer upon layer of clothes.

Fall and Halloween will come; just breathe and enjoy the month of September as it is.