The Anticipated Transition from Summer To Fall

transition_from_summer_to_fallAs a person gets older, it feels as if their summers become shorter. Before they know it, the dogwood tree fades from white to red and their closet changes from tee shirts to sweaters. Many tend to look at this transformation as glum and dreary, but I simply adore it.

Nearly everyone likes a good party and changing from summer to fall is the ignition of the party season. While it can be argued that summer has fun holidays, such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July, fall signals the long awaited festivi­ties involving lights.

Heading back to college is the most obvious reason why party season begins, but fall also is the catalyst to the holiday party sea­son. Starting off in October, we are blessed with Mischief Night and Halloween. Then comes No­vember, we have Thanksgiving where everyone in America fol­lows the feasting stereotype given to our country.

Included in the fall’s busy sched­ule is one of the most beloved American traditions: football. Ev­ery Sunday, family and friends gather around a television screen no matter the size to watch their fa­vorite team. When that team scores a touchdown, the wings begin to taste better, the air begins to smell fresher, and the tailgate becomes bigger.

While football is just starting in fall, baseball is winding down. The month of October lures any baseball fan no matter their major league al­liance. Watching moments such as Billy Buckner in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series or David Freese hitting a home run in the eleventh inning of Game 6 of the 2011 World Series is especially poignant in the month of October.

Still not convinced fall reigns over summer? Think about when you are out on a boat, lying on the beach, or having a catch in your backyard. All of a sudden you feel like you have been pinched and later in the day, you find a bug bite at that same spot. No more of those irritating itches when the leaves be­gin to change since the bugs begin to die. All this can be attributed to the crisp, cool weather of fall.

Even though there are many pros and cons to both summer and fall, one big con in summer is the season tends to be dull. This may sound absurd, but summer is often a dis­appointment to college students. People make big plans to coincide with the nice weather and the care­-free schedule, but more often than not, they ending up craving fall mainly because there is more to do on a daily basis.

“Although I have always been a summer girl, fall is a fresh change,” said junior communication major Kelly Hughes. “I see my friends more come the fall season and I enjoy being busy. There is always something to do from apple or pumpkin picking to hayrides and halloween parties.”

Though fall forces most to stay indoors, businesses have figured out a way to increase the fun in­doors. It feels as if more movies and more video games are produced in fall to coincide with the cold weath­er forcing many to stay inside. This fall will bring movies such as “Free Birds” and the second “Hunger Games” while video games such as “Call of Duty Ghosts” will make an appearance on shelves.

For all these reasons and more, the transition from summer to fall should not be dreaded. Instead, the transition should be embraced and enjoyed.

PHOTO TAKEN from lifeinthelostworld.com