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Scary Thought: Schools Close on Halloween

As Halloween is quickly approaching and is right around the corner, many people start to wonder if schools should be closed on Halloween.

Although Halloween is a holiday welcome to everyone, it is mainly a children's holiday, which leaves many feeling that school should be cancelled that day for the children.

It is one of the few national holidays where school is open. Debates go on and on every year at this time because some people feel Halloween is one of the only holidays that goes unrecognized from schools.

The children shouldn't have to be in school that day. I however, feel that Halloween is a good day to be in school.

We should be in school on this festive day because it's much more fun to be in school all dressed up than at home alone!

Many holidays that result in school cancellation are usually for specific reasons. Most holidays where students have off, and even workers, are days meant to spend with family or time to spend at Church.

Although Halloween is a national holiday, it's not necessary to cancel school for the day.

An argument could be said that children will get the entire day to trick-or-treat, rather than going out when it is dark out. Aside from that, there is really nothing you are doing on this day where you wouldn't have time for anything else.

Most schools are only in session for no more than 6 hours a day, so there will be plenty of time for the children to do whatever they want after school.

Halloween is a great day to be in school because children and teenagers can go to school wearing and show off their costumes to their friends.

Classes may also have Halloween parties and activities for the different ages. Many schools will simply get everyone settled, take attendance, and then have a huge Halloween party outside so everyone can display their fabulous costumes.

Then after a fun day at school, everyone will have plenty of time to trick-or-treat with all their friends and family. If it is really necessary, schools can always schedule a half-day so that the children have more time off, but will get credit for a full day.

Schools are also required to have a certain number of school days for the students to attend. If schools were closed for Halloween, the students might have to make up another day at the end of the year, or perhaps lose a vacation day.

Closing schools for Halloween is not necessary, as it is more beneficial for the students to attend school on Halloween because it is a lot more fun to be in school on a day like that rather then home alone.

The start to having a best Halloween is to go to school with all your friends for a fun filled day of activities in your costumes.

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