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Is America an Unfriendly Place?

With the world increasing and advancing rapidly, human interaction is constantly a concern.

How humans treat one another is often discussed because it has changed so much from what it used to be and we have become so technologically dependent.

What is at risk is the ability to develop a conversation and have face-to-face communication with another person.

But is this change in interaction, friendliness, and conversation starting a change for everyone or just the citizens of America?

It's hard to call America an acclaimed society for friendliness when there are constant polls being put out for America's most unfriendly places.

Papers like The New York Times, Huffington Post, and the Washington Times have all published polls and articles for the unfriendliest places in America.

But, we have all fallen victim to being badgered for our technology dependence and how it is affecting our daily lives. I would confidently say most people use their preferred technology like tablets, cell phones, or laptops to avoid human interaction. But is this just in America, or everywhere?

One of the most common phrases I hear when discussing this topic is "Europe is so much more friendly, the people there are so nice." Is that really true though?

Europe and the friendliness there is such an assumed topic. For instance, most of the people saying this have never visited Europe.

I myself have had the pleasure to visit multiple European countries, including Greece, Spain, Italy and Switzerland and I have developed my opinions on personal experience.

When it came to the people, they were just as friendly as people I have come across in America. When I said hi they said hello back. When they said hello I said hi back.

Europe definitely has a more laid back society, which I feel causes the people to generate conversation better because they don't feel as much pressure in other areas in life.

For instance, a place like NJ, where there are great schools, a great amount of money, the pressure or the success is measured based on those two things, so people become concerned with that rather than having a conversation with their neighbor to see what they are up to.

The real difference is between the different regions of America. When looking through these polls between The New York Times, Huffington Post, and the Washington Times, it seems the real difference is between the North and the South regions of the country. Some of the friendliest places of America were GA, TX, and MI.

Some of the unfriendliest places in America were CT, NY, and NJ. The most fast paced, busy areas were named unfriendly and the slower, more laid back areas were claimed friendly.

This brings up a point. In the busier, urban regions, human interaction and friendliness lacks much more than in more rural areas, where people have much more time on their hands and live a more relaxed, simple life.

I believe the problem is technology and America is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world.

However, I wouldn't give all the blame to the American people because the lack of happy interaction is happening everywhere.

You are going to come across unfriendly people everywhere you go, there are no more and no less in one specific area.

If we all tried to be a little nicer, and a little friendlier to each other, the world would definitely be a better place.

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