Adventures of Me and My Kruizer | Victoria Jordan’s Senior Goodbye

Graduation brings goodbyes. Farewell to professors, dorm rooms, classes, and an invincible attitude. It also brings about a change in friend­ships. The classmates of four years, the roommates you lived with, and the friends you went out with are no longer right across the hallway from you. I have a different kind of story with something I consider to be one of my best friends. With it, I have not only made unforgettable memories but also hilarious life lessons that I am thrilled to share. These are the adven­tures of me and my beach kruizer.


Senioritis: The Contagious Epidemic

Students Combat the Temptation to be Lazy During the Last Few Weeks of School

Final exams begin in three weeks. Summer break begins in four weeks. Graduation is in five weeks. With the semester’s close in sight, the anticipation of time off from school work, a new job and beach season slowly start to take precedence in students’ minds.

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Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Football and food. Is there anything more perfect than that combination? I can think of many things, but most of America begs to differ. I’m not much of an NFL fan, partially because my team is downright awful every season. I rarely watch any games, hardly know any players, and could only tell you a handful of teams in the league. However, I know that the beginning of every February brings a lot of hype for football, media, and of course, food.