Jobs Can Wait, Your Youth Can’t

Four years ago, I was graduating from high school, bringing 13 years of education to a monumental close. I headed to MU the following fall to begin my education as an undergrad. I remember feeling like anything was possible. I would graduate from MU, get a great job, make good mon­ey, eventually go to graduate school, and that would be that. Don’t get me wrong, I still expect those things to happen, but who says they have to happen the day after graduation?


Pets On Campus

If you are like me, when you left your home for college, you left a dear, beloved friend behind, your pet(s). I left my two cats Lucky and Maggie when I moved from my home in Montgomery, New Jer­sey to MU. Leaving them behind made it difficult to settle in at school my freshman year. Even though I begged my parents to let me take my cats with me, offering to pay the fines if and when I got caught, they still said “no,” so I moved into Cedar pet-less.


Separate, but Equal

Are Gender-Specific Facilities Fair?

I wouldn’t classify myself as a feminist, nor do I promote any radical gender reform, but I believe in gen­der equality. As I watched television the other day, a commercial came on for Lucille Roberts Women’s Fit­ness Center. I have never really given much thought to a gender-specific fa­cility before but it got me wondering if promoting such facilities was in our country’s best interest. How can men and women be equal if we keep creat­ing these places that separate us?