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Volume 92 (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)

University Club Involvement

default article imageWelcome to the club. As the University’s Wrestling Club hits the mat for the first time this semester, The Outlook’s editors reflected on the state of clubs at Monmouth and their experiences with them.

All the editors agreed that the University offers enough clubs outside of Greek Life that offer opportunities for all students to get involved. “I think there are plenty of club opportunities on campus,” one editor said. The editor continued, “I feel like since I’ve started here, there have been many new clubs that are added that are centered on new student interests and major-related activities.”

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Hawk Network Takes Flight

default article imageJob hunting. It’s stressful, time consuming, and a constant battle to outshine your peers. As a college student anything you can do to make the search easier, you will.

With the rise of technological interface, applications such as Linked-In and Indeed make applying for jobs and finding professional connections available from the comfort of your screen.

Now, current students and Alumni of Monmouth University just got another advantage in the mad-dash to employment by creation of the Hawk Network.

Hawk Network was created by Monmouth University, and according to the university’s website is a, “new digital community for professional networking, mentoring, exploring and posting job opportunities, and connecting with classmates.”

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Defense of Student Journalism

default article imageIn the early 1990s, I was a young burgeoning journalist in the war-torn Croatia lead by, democratic on paper, but in all other way’s autocratic government. Right from the start, in 1991 Croatian Democratic Party and its leadership lead a public campaign against free and independent journalism. My home was a small local newspaper “Otok Ivanic” (Island Ivanic), that covered about 20, 000 inhabitants, in mostly rural areas. We covered local politics and occasionally commented on national politics when they affected the lives of people in our area.

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A True Response To The Outlook

default article imageI am writing this note to The Outlook Editors from a classroom in Plangere where the digital clock says half of the number 7 part of number 5 and an entire 8, which I guess means 7:58, or maybe 9:58, but more on that later, as the Chair of the Department of Communication I want to apologize to the editors and the staff of the newspaper for their disappointment in lack of reaction to the removed newspapers. When the incident occurred, I did verbalize my support and willingness to aid the staff and editors whatever way they wanted to move forward with investigating the incident. However, I should have put that support in writing, in-print, in the school’s newspaper.  So, this letter serves to do that and to also enlighten the staff and editors to my experience as an Alum of Monmouth College; as a former writer and editor for The Outlook; as a faculty member and now as the Chair of the Department of Communication.

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The Impact of Blood Drives

default article imageWhen you think of giving blood, what do you associate with the experience? Doing good for others? Saving lives? How about, giving back to those who need it the most? These may be all things you connect with blood donation. But, what about controversy?

According to the American Red Cross, only an estimated 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood, and less than 10 percent of this group actually donates each year. Did you ever wonder why your high school or local town community always organized blood drives? For this very reason.

Although donating blood is encouraged by many, there is gender specific criteria that most don’t know about which makes donating blood for some an arduous process.

On the American Red Cross’ website page detailing eligibility requirements for blood donors, there are explicit stipulations in place for gay and bi-sexual men to donate blood, or as the American Red Cross’ references the “MSM” (men who have sex with men) community.

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A Leisurely Read

default article imageReading is on the decline for college students. According to a 2019 American Time Use survey, individuals aged 15-54 read for pleasure only ten minutes per day on average, compared to 48 minutes for individuals aged 75 and older.

So, what accounts for this difference? Why do the majority of college students not pick up a book for the purpose of leisure reading? The editorial staff attempted to uncover these questions.

Some editors brought the issue of technology into light. One editor pointed out, “Technology has diminished our reading skills because we get distracted by [it] easily and have short attention spans that have a difficult time enduring a full book.”

Indeed, we have entered an era where social media is cherished more than leisure reading. As students begin reading more online material, such as tweets and other social media posts, they tend to push leisure reading aside.

Other than technology, editors attributed a lack of time, preferring other media such as films and video games, and being bombarded with other class assignments to the deficiency of leisure reading among college students.

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Censorship...No Comment

default article imageClasses are back in session, and The Outlook is back in pursuit of upholding the ideals of Freedom of Speech.

In our Nov. 20, 2019 issue, our editorial brought to light an attempt to censor The Outlook. Before Homecoming weekend and President Patrick Leahy’s Installation, The Outlook was removed from its dedicated stands in the Student Center and was replaced with copies of Monmouth Magazine, in what appeared to be an apparent attempt to censor the paper.

Subsequent to an Outlook editorial, on this very page, exposing the incident featuring a photo of the newsstand, the paper did not receive a single response from administration, faculty, staff, or students.

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Cellular Data Issues on Campus

default article imageCan you hear me now? Roam campus and you might find that your phone is roaming as well. It might even occur in some class-rooms, or you might just have “No Service” written across the top of your screen. 

While service for cellular devices and Wi-Fi signals are strong in the majority of buildings on campus, there are a few that cause a problem. 

The editorial staff of The Outlook discussed the issues with having poor service, especially due to the lack of service that we experience in our office and the Plangere Center. 

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Attempted Censorship of The Outlook

Attempted CensorshipThe Outlook staff was made aware that copies of a previous issue were removed from stands, apparently, by someone unrelated to the newspaper. 

The Oct. 16 issue was removed from stands in the Student Center. The copies of The Outlook were replaced with copies of Monmouth Magazine, on which President Patrick Leahy graced the cover. This occurred just prior to Leahy’s Installation, when there would have been a large influx of visitors to campus as well as the Homecoming weekend events that followed the Installation. 

The stand in the Student Center, specifically, was described as being well stocked with papers the night before. While the Student Center stands were somehow empty when the Installation/Homecoming events commenced, not one other stand anywhere on campus was remotely empty.

 If there was actually added public interest in this issue, one would expect many of the stands to reflect this. However, it was only the Student Center, which had Monmouth Magazine openly displayed in place of The Outlook. 

So, why would that happen? What was the reason behind what seems to be an attempt to censor the paper?

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How Faculty Shape Our Future

default article imageThroughout their time here at Monmouth, students develop different academic and personal aspirations: some wish to pursue graduate programs, while others are seeking to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Whichever path they may choose, the University faculty provide resource and guidance to get students on track to achieving these goals. 

This week, The Outlook staff shared their experiences with faculty and other aspects of the University that have helped plan for their lives after Monmouth. Collectively, our editors had high praise for their faculty members’ interest in their future. 

One editor said, “I have had several professors not only inquire about my future but have written letters of recommendation for me going into the career field.”

“I do believe the professors at Monmouth not only want their students to succeed, but aspire to communicating with them after graduation,” the editor continued. 

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Outlook Mea Culpa

default article imageAs a school newspaper, we constantly look at many aspects of the University under a microscope.  Every week we search campus for stories big and small that we think are important to our readers and our community. But what kind of organization would we be if we did not put ourselves under that microscope? That is why, we would like to publish the fact that The Outlook missed a major story.

The Outlook deeply regrets dropping the ball by not covering, not based on any malice on our part, but solely because we missed it, the Installation of President Patrick Leahy. An event that should have been front page above the fold, appeared nowhere in our paper. That is our mistake and we own it.

In truth, readers may not realize how difficult it is to produce this paper week in and week out. Our staff is composed of full-time students, virtually none of whom receive academic credit for their work, no one is paid, everyone has classes, some may have outside jobs, or obligations, several are athletes, and yet we all still gather in the newsroom every Monday to publish the paper.  

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