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Campus Improvements

default article imageCampus is quiet. There are no construction trucks or workers. There is no grass seed representing a new lawn or area around a building. What is the next big thing that the University plans on building or improving?

The editors of The Outlook discuss their thoughts on a university’s seemingly never-ending construction and what they would like to see improved around campus.

“I think the next big project for the University is tearing down old dorm rooms like Elmwood and Pinewood. The environments are so dated compared to the other options,” one editor said. “If the University wants better freshman/student retention, they need to update those living spaces.”

“I would love to see a paved path across the great lawn for great lawn residents. The classes are directly across the lawn. However, residents aren’t able to cross when the ground is wet or there are geese (because they leave a lot behind),” said another staffer.

One editor mentioned that they would like to see a better walking path to access the Monmouth University Police Station and Woods Theater on the other side of Norwood Ave. Students must cross the intersection of Cedar and Norwood, a heavily trafficked area. “This would also better the traffic flow since the cross walk stops all the lights in order for students to cross,” said the editor.

“I don’t think any building on campus is in dire need of being improved,” said an editor.

The editors were asked if there would ever be a time when the University was fully “built.” Most editors agreed that the campus is fully built, at least externally.

“Every space available in the University acreage is already filled. The University would have to build off-campus if they decide to continue to expand,” said one editor.

A few editors believe that as long as the students of the University continue to pay tuition, the school should keep building and improving campus to make it all worth the cost.

“Building and updating is necessary for a University to thrive and stay competitive. I do disagree that those construction costs should be tacked on to students’ tuition bills,” said an editor.

“I would like to see money being spent on whatever benefits the students most. We need everyone’s input,” an editor said.

The editors also discussed improvements that they would like to occur within the buildings.

“It is essential for the university to have well-structured buildings and pathways, but it is just as important for the university to have great professors, labs, equipment, etc.,” said an editor.

Another editor said that “...it would be nice for the University to add more creative writing electives within the English department…” thus hiring more professors in that field.

One staffer said that they would like to see more updated technology in some of the buildings, specifically the communications department. Moreover, the University could add more high tech and virtual reality technology like that which has been included in the interactive media classroom in Plangere.

“There should be a balance between how much money Monmouth puts towards to bettering the physical aspect of the campus and the academic stuff,” commented another Outlook editor.

All of the editors agree that the University has done a great job of improving and updating the campus throughout the years.

“As a student, it’s really refreshing to see the transformation pictures on Monmouth’s social media pages depicting the changes made in the last ten years to the dining hall, student center, etc. It shows that Monmouth is really adamant about making this school the best that it can be,” an editor said.

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