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Voting in the Pandemic Election

default article imageWith the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, it is safe to say that Nov. 3 is not going to be your typical Election Day.

Voting will look a little different this year. Every registered voter in New Jersey received a mail-in paper ballot with specific instructions that must be followed in order for the vote to count. New Jersey has eliminated in-person voting booths this year, except for people with disabilities, due to COVID-19 concerns. There have been many concerns about the possibilities of fraud in respect to mail-in ballots, as well.

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Virtual Club Involvement

default article imageThe University’s new COVID-19 protocols, which says that clubs must function virtually until Oct. 20, raises questions about club involvement on campus. Are students more or less inclined to join a club if all meetings are held virtually via Zoom meetings? The Outlook editors reflected on this question.

Many editors point out the difficulty of meeting virtually. “I think it is difficult for members to collaborate well over Zoom,” one editor pointed out. “I am always afraid I am going to talk over or interrupt someone else, so I am hesitant to speak up on Zoom.”

Another editor agreed, “I do not like virtual club meetings because I do not feel like I am as connected or involved when it is virtual.” However, this editor said that they will attend virtual meetings if it is the only option being offered, in order to stay involved on campus.

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Entering the Workforce During COVID-19

default article imageBetween an economic recession and the shift to working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an abundance of uncertainties when it comes to entering the workforce after graduation.

In June, the Wall Street Journal reported that COVID-19’s hit on U.S. economy might remain until 2029. Meanwhile, Vox reported on Sept. 27 that half of Americans who lost their job say they are still without one.

With many of the Outlook editors graduating this spring, they shared opinions on how comfortable they felt entering the workforce with the threat of COVID-19 still prevalent in our everyday lives.

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Newspapers Without a Newsroom

EditorialWhen COVID-19 shut down schools and offices in March, newsrooms were no exception. However, as things began to gradually re-open, a few newsrooms around the country decided to close permanently, with writers and editors working strictly from home.

The New York Daily News is one of them, as well as four other newspapers under the media company Tribune Publishing. It begs the question: can newspapers survive without a physical newsroom?

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The Outlook Editors on Re-opening

default article imageSince Monmouth University re-opened with a mix of in-person and online classes this semester, students have rapidly adjusted to the “new normal” on campus. Regulations such as social distancing, mask wearing, and hand-washing are enforced, while the new meal-ordering app was introduced to minimize the number of students in the student center and dining hall.

The Outlook editors shared their opinion on Monmouth’s approach to re-opening campus this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with some agreeing with the decision to reopen campus.

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The Outlook Welcomes you Back!

default article imageI am thrilled to give a warm welcome back to all Monmouth students, faculty, and staff!

It feels so good to be back after the abrupt transition to remote learning last semester. As we step into another semester here at Monmouth University, things are looking a bit different.

With this new school year brings many obstacles that we’ve never encountered before. We’re starting a school year wearing masks, social distancing, and taking untraditional online classes.

Freshmen, you are facing some unprecedented challenges, being the first group of students to begin college during the pandemic. You’ve had a challenging end to your senior year of high school. You might be worrying about things like navigating campus, making friends, managing online classes, and getting involved with clubs and organizations.

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