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And the Grammy Goes to...

The Outlook’s Opinion on Awards Season

Grammy AwardsLights, camera, action! It’s that time of year again—awards season. Every year awards season comes around and many debate on whether or not to watch the variety of different awards shows. From movies to music, the entertainment industry set forth a wide array of shows that hope to gain the attention of a media consumer audience. The two main categories are music and movies. Usually, this would cover the interest of most everyone, but it seems to be that the hype and allure of awards shows is dying. The editors of The Outlook discuss their interest levels.

It seems as though many editors are interested more in music awards shows like the VMAs, Video Music Awards, and CMAs, Country Music Awards. It is much more accessible to be a fan for the music awards shows because one can hear music freely whenever, wherever. Another positive aspect of the music awards shows are the various musical acts. One editor said, “I like the VMAs the best because I love to see the performances.”

Many editors seem to be interested in the aftermath of the awards shows—discussion of fashion and of “uh-oh” moments. For many, the shows are all about the outfits. The excessive talk of who wore what is always a persuasion in watching at least the Red Carpet correspondence of the awards shows. Also, learning that a celebrity did something comical at an award show tends to be a favorite aspect of many people. One editor said, “They’re [awards shows] worth watching only when something funny happens by mistake. Like this year at the Golden Globes Leonardo DiCaprio was caught making a funny face at Lady GaGa.”

Unfortunately, there is also a lack of interest in awards shows. Editors tended to agree that the shows can be quite boring and that they are very political and exclusive. One editor said, “The shows are way too industry-centric, so unless you follow it really closely there’s no way to keep up.” And, being busy bodies on campus, there isn’t a whole lot of time to watch all of, for example, the Best Picture nominations for an award show. Furthermore, people are bored of these three plus hour-long shows. The length and lack of interest in content makes for boring shows for many.

One thing that most all editors could agree on was that they look forward to seeing if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar this year for his role in the movie The Revenant.

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