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Alpha Kappa Alpha Crowns 2016 Mr. Pink and Green

On Friday, Feb. 26 Rock N‘ Raise annual charity event will take over the Hawk TV studio in the Jules L. Plangere Center for Communications building. Rock N’ Raise is a competition between bands who raise money and perform in hopes to win a grand prize and of course, bragging rights. This event is co-sponsored by WMCX and Hawk TVWMCX and Hawk TV will both stream and broadcast Rock N’ Raise live.

The idea of Rock N’ Raise first came about in 2013 after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. Both WMCX and Hawk TV wanted to put on an event to raise money to help those affected by Sandy, so the two organizations joined forces. Rock N’ Raise since then has become an annual live production.

While WMCX and Hawk TV co-sponsor the event, the two organizations have very different responsibilities when planning Rock N’ Raise. “Hawk TV is required to make sure we have a full crew for the event and insure the overall flow of production. Specifically as executive producer I have to make sure all the tech equipment is working and that the staff knows their role,” said Joseph M. Ruggiero, a senior communication student and executive producer of Hawk TV.

As Hawk TV focuses on the live production aspect of the event WMCX focuses on the musical aspects. “As the music producer of this year’s Rock N’ Raise the majority of my planning included getting a hold of a whole bunch of bands and artist to take part in the event,” says Larissa Trovamala, a senior communication student and an active member of both Hawk TV and WMCX. Some of the bands that Trovamala secured to perform at Rock N’ Raise are The Mercury Brothers from Red Bank and Eastbourne from Asbury Park. “Larissa [Trovamala] has done an amazing job finding four local successful bands to perform, explains Hawk TV executive producer, Ruggiero. 

While the overall concept of Rock N’ Raise remains the same the two organizations has added some new additions to this year’s event. “We decided to spruce up the lobby by putting the acoustic performances out there so people who watch from the lobby can also have a close interaction with some of the performers,” said Ruggiero.

Those are not the only changes that are taking place; the judging system is also different this year. In previous years the first place winner was the band with the most votes, but that is not the case this year.

There will be a panel of experienced judges who will vote, along with the fans and also the band that raises the most money for the American Cancer Society will receive another vote as well. Therefore, “there are a lot of different aspects and a lot on the line,” said Ruggiero. 

With Rock N’ Raise rapidly approaching, there is still some preparation that needs to take place, but Hawk TV and WMCX are ready to take on the challenge. “There definitely is some planning left to do, but what is a production without constant changes? It’s called entropy,” said Trovamala.

This year Hawk TV and WMCX are expecting around 100-200 people. All attendees can expect a fun time, with numerous ways to participate in the event. They can watch or listen live via Hawk TV or WMCX, come to the event itself and see production behind the scenes and how it works, or they can interact with numerous organizations on campus that will be in the lobby of Plangere during the event.

“Overall I feel there is something for everyone, especially because each paying attendee gets to vote for their favorite band which gives them a reason to come and support which performer they like,” said Ruggiero.

Being that WMXC and Hawk TV, have made Rock N’ Raise an annual event, there are many students who look forward to this experience every year. “I attended the first Rock N’ Raise event my freshman year when all the proceeds went to those effected by Hurricane Sandy. I have been to every Rock N’ Raise since then, it is always a great event with even better music,” said Diana Busardo, a senior communication student.

Busardo, is not the only one looking forward to Rock N’ Raise. “My favorite part of the event is seeing a live production and a concert, it is two of my favorite things taking place once,” said Brianna DeRose, a senior communication student who was on the production crew of last year’s Rock N’ Raise. “This year I hope Hawk TV and WMCX earn more donations for such a great cause and I am looking forward to the Rock N’ Raise,” she continued. 

Last year’s Rock N’ Raise event raised $4,200 for the American Cancer Society. This year both Hawk TV and WMCX hope to exceed that amount, which will go towards Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society.

PHOTO TAKEN FROM Alpha Kappa Alpha Instagram