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SAB Brings Students Back to the ‘90s with “Flashback Friday”

The Student Activities Board (SAB) held Flashback Friday, its first event of the spring semester on Jan. 23. The event was open to all University students looking for a fun night on campus, free of cost. 

The event was held in Anacon Hall, located in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, which was filled with blow up activities, and even an indoor roller skating rink. Students had the opportunity to skate around the room, making pit stops at the inflatable air hockey rink, basketball hoops, and skee ball table. A life-sized Connect Four game was also a game for attendees to play. 

“I was surprised at how many activities there were at the event,” said Megan Poeschl, a junior social work student. “SAB really thought everything through. Everything was so unique.”

Students rushed to the graffiti board right as it opened, allowing students to play games and create their own graffiti by spraying the board. Not only were there games, but SAB members were stationed around Anacon Hall, serving snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy, all while neon lights lit up the venue.

“I definitely think that last night was a huge success,” commented Thomas Egan, Vice President of Major and Social Events for SAB and junior business major. “SAB was very pleased with the turn out, especially since we changed the event time from ending at 10 pm to ending at midnight.” 

SAB chose to incorporate the throwback theme as their first event of the semester to attract 10857107 934505836561575 443099563232165140 ostudents. With the fall semester officially completed, students have reached another level of their college career, leaving them further from their childhood years. Flashback Friday gave students a chance to re-live a little piece of their past and escape the stress that a new semester often brings. 

“I had a great time at the event. It was nice to play games with my friends and have a good time,” said Jessica Stern, a junior sociology major.

Egan explained the process of planning an event starts with members thinking of something the campus has yet to see. He said was listening to music from the nineties and it hit him to do an event from his childhood. 

“Everyone loves things from their childhood,” Egan said.

He looked at a variety of activities and then called a number of agencies. After he was given information, Egan had to go through a process of elimination based on price and the how worth it the activity was. Given the fact that the budget was $6,000, he believes the event was a huge success.

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“After seeing the turnout of Flashback Friday, we’re [SAB] excited to see what this semester has in store for us,” said Dylan Vargas, a junior business major and executive board member of SAB. “Thanks to everyone who attended.” 

Flashback Friday was one of many events planned for the new semester. More events hosted by SAB can be found on the student activities calendar. 

Megan McGowan, the Assistant Director of Student Activities & Student Center Operations, was happy with the event. “I would say it was a successful event. It was really nice to see some new faces that we haven’t seen at other event,” she said. “It’s good to see new students getting involved.” 

SAB’s upcoming events include Fitness Festival: Illumination on Friday, Feb. 6 from 8 to 11 pm in Anacon Hall, and Extreme Sports Night on Saturday, Feb. 7 from 8 to 11 pm in Boylan Gym. Both events are a part of “Get Fit & Have Fun Weekend” and will be open to the entire campus community.

Images Taken from MU Student Activities Board Facebook