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The Most Admirable Women

Malala Yousafzai

She is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Prize. I think she is admirable because she is a true leader of this generation, and she fights for women and girls education.

Phillis Wheatley

She was the first black female poet to ever be published. Her poetry, while on the surface may seem plain and basic, is packed with many subtle messages against slavery and against social injustice. She is admirable because she was a pioneer in the literary world for African American women.

Angelina Jolie

She strives to live a life of use to others, which led her to be honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award in 2013. She works tirelessly to give men and women across the world the same opportunities in life that she has.

Lady Gaga

She is an unstoppable, record-breaking, multi-platinum, award winning musician, singer, actress, writer, and philanthropist. Gaga is admirable because has been an advocate for equal rights and anti-bullying. She set up the Born This Way foundation to create a kinder world and to help young people who are being bullied or are depressed.

Jennifer Lawrence

She called out the Hollywood gender pay gap in an essay she wrote and she promotes body positivity for girls. I think she’s admirable because she plays such strong female characters in films and she’s not afraid to break gender expectations off screen either.

Jane Goodall

She is an inspirational and under-appreciated figure, for she has contributed tremendously to conservation and animal welfare efforts. In an era when anthropology was dominated by men, Goodall was a pioneer and shattered the barriers to provide a path for women to follow their dreams. She has received dozens of peace and achievement awards and is a best selling author. It is important to pay tribute to those that have set the stage for women to succeed in the present, and Goodall is a prime example of a female trailblazer.

Emma Watson

Her impact and fight for equal gender rights has been very influential. She has already become a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, visited Zambia and Bangladesh to promote women’s education, and delivered an address at UN Headquarters to launch the HeforShe campaign. I think she is admirable because she used her actress popularity to springboard her support for equal rights, an amazing cause, instead of wasting it.

Alice Paul

She had a major role and impact on the American Suffrage Movement. She formed the National Women’s Party (NWP) and organized the ‘Silent Sentinels’ to stand peacefully outside the White House. These women were attacked and arrested and Paul continued her efforts inside prison. She went on a hunger strike and was force fed in prison. These efforts forced President Woodrow Wilson to reverse his position on the issue and the nineteenth amendment was later passed. She is admirable because she sacrificed so much to ensure that women had the right to vote. Without her, who knows if women really would have ever achieved this.

Julie Andrews

She is one of the most poised and classiest women that has ever graced this world. Julie Andrews has always inspired others to never let a dream die, such as when she was looked over for the role in the film My Fair Lady even though she was part of the orginial Broadway cast. She is what many women aspire to be: an inspiration to others.

Amy Schumer

She is a talented American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and producer. She is the creator, co-producer, co-writer and star of comedy series. She can be considered admirable because she stands against all the critical beauty standards of our current society and she is just a completely genuine female celebrity.

Eleanor Roosevelt

She worked very closely with the Red Cross when America entered WW1 by took care of the shell-shocked and wounded soldiers in the hospitals. And after FDR passed away and she had to step down as First Lady, she became chairperson of the UN Human Rights Commission, where she helped Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. She did so much for the improvement of human rights and is such a strong women.

Amy Poehler

She achieved such success in her career by taking risks and working hard. I think she is admirable because she uses her platform to advocate for gender equality, often writing and producing her own material to create more roles in the industry for women and always serving as a prime example of feminism.

Condoleezza Rice

She was the second female and first African American female Secretary of State. She had a very accomplished career and broke gender and racial barriers.

Jennifer Aniston

She is so talented and looks amazing for her age. She is very accomplished and was on the hit sitcom Friends for years. I think she is so admirable because she has always been so kind and classy throughout all of her success.

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