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A Thank You to Jules L. Plangere, Jr.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Thank You JLP

The University community recently received the sad news that Jules L. Plangere, Jr. passed away at age 95. Plangere left an impact on the University that will live on forever. The editors at The Outlook have been reflecting on his legacy and all that his great work has done, not only for the communication department, but for the entire campus. As we walk these halls we will remember the generous man who helped shape what Monmouth is today. We want to thank him for all that he has done.

“If it was not for Plangere’s generous contributions, I would not be able to work at The Outlook each week alongside my fellow editors. He has provided Monmouth’s communication students with a place that facilitates the growth of our knowledge and creativity within our field of study,” described one editor.

“Plangere truly had one of the purest and richest of hearts. His donations to our campus did not just impact one area of student life, but they impacted many, many different aspects of our campus. Plangere and his will for Monmouth students to succeed will truly be missed,” another editor said.

One editor explained their experience over this past summer as an intern reporter for the Home News Tribune through the Jules L. Plangere Internship Program. “It was a wondrous opportunity that I will never forget, and I am just so sad to have never had the chance to thank him for allowing me thatopportunity. I know that I am not the only one whose life he has influenced. Throughout his career I think he has helped so many people succeed. He was an honorable human being, and a wonderful role model. May he rest in peace,” said the staffer.

Plangere was more than just a benefactor: he was a visionary leader that helped sculpt Monmouth University into the academic enterprise it is today. One staff member recognized the importance of celebrating his life. “In hispassing, Monmouth has, in a sense, lost a part of itself. Mr. Plangere will forever be remembered as one of the most influential leaders of the University’s brief history. It is important to not simply mourn his death, but to also celebrate his life, as he is an integral part of the university’s success,” said the editor.

Whether people realize it or not, Plangere has made a lasting impact on current and former Monmouth students, and that will be true for future students as well.

He will always be a part of the Monmouth family.

Our staff has been lucky enough to take advantage of the many opportunities the communication department provides, especially The Outlook. We do not take this for granted and know that if it were not for Plangere’s work we wouldn’t have a school paper to practice our journalistic aspirations. We are grateful for his generosity, but what we are most thankful for is that Jules L. Plangere, Jr. was Jules L. Plangere, Jr.

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