November: A Time for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and while turkey and stuffing are usually on our lists of things to be thankful for, The Outlook editors believe that there is an important addition to be made, other than food and football. In honor of giving thanks, the editors of The Outlook would like to express their gratitude to Monmouth University. From the breathtaking campus grounds only a mile away from the beach to the dedicated faculty and staff, Monmouth provides students with an abundance of things to be thankful for.

Editors were all in consensus on their gratitude for the opportunities and resources the University offers. “Monmouth has many opportunities to get involved, travel, learn, and find independence,” said one editor.

Studying abroad, becoming involved in a club or organization and enrolling in courses that are taught by highly qualified professors are only a few of the elements that contribute to the endless educational and social opportunities available to students. The staffer said, “I’m most thankful for the plethora of resources. From free printing to writing services, there’s a great amount of help at my disposal. These resources allow me to fulfill my academic potential.”

While resources aid in the fulfillment of a student’s academic success, professors truly act as the catalyst in the uncovering of a student’s potential. “I get to go to class to professors who value my education as well as my opinions,” expressed one editor. “I am a person and not a number on a professor’s roster. Everyone seems to know everyone, which is a beautiful thing. Professors actually care about their students, and I have had so many life-changing opportunities because of those types of professors,” said another Outlook editor.

At Monmouth University, you are not a number, but you are an individual that is a member of the Hawk family because after all, “Hawks Fly Together.” An editor expressed their appreciation for being a member of the Hawk family, “The one thing I love most is our sporting events. I really appreciate the camaraderie and immense school spirit when I attend a game; I am appreciative of the family that these events bring together and create.”

Monmouth has become a home for Outlook editors. Walking around campus appreciating the beautiful and historic Wilson Hall accompanied by the perfectly manicured lawns make a student’s walk to class enjoyable. One editor expressed their gratitude for campus convenience, “I’m most thankful for the on campus Dunkin’ Donuts. You don’t have to worry about leaving and finding a parking spot because of coffee, a necessity to most college students, is easily available in the student center. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without their outpouring kindness and the coffee.”

While some editors experienced difficulty when deciding on just one specific aspect to be thankful for at the University, expressing that they love everything about Monmouth. The entire Outlook editorial staff can agree that they are thankful for the student-run newspaper that has been on campus since 1933, The Outlook, of course. The newspaper has provided each staff member with innumerable opportunities and experiences. With the aid of The Outlook’s advisor, Professor John Morano who specializes in journalism, each writer and editor on staff has the ability to grow and work together to create a strong and informative issue that acts as a voice for the campus community.

Thanksgiving Day is a time to appreciate the people, places, and things we normally take for granted. So take a breather from overindulging in that last piece of pumpkin pie and take the time to appreciate the blessings in your life. The Outlook editors wanted to express their gratitude to Monmouth University this holiday and encourage the rest of the campus community to embrace the opportunities available to them during their time at Monmouth University.