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Honor, Remember and Carry On

default article imageAs we return to the Monmouth campus after a short and humid summer, there are other things on our minds besides setting up our dorm rooms and preparing for classes.

This past Sunday, our country mourned the horrific tragedy, September 11, for the 10th time.

It’s hard to imagine that an entire decade has passed since many of us students watched the burning of the two towers on television during our junior high and elementary classes. September 11 is one of those days when, no matter how much time has passed, you know exactly where you were, what you were doing, and the first thoughts that popped into your head.

If you read the front page news story discussing the national disaster, it’s plain and simple: the thousands of lives that were lost are anything but forgotten. Faculty, staff and students commented on their whereabouts that fateful day, their opinions on how the country has changed since 9/11, and more. The footprints are still there from the treacherous state the attacks left America in. Our guards have gone up, and over the course of 10 years they have only gotten thicker instead of easing down.

The University did a wise thing by creating a 9/11 Remembrance Event, that was held this past Sunday on the Residential Quad. A candlelight ceremony, a moment of silence and a toast to a future of recovery and optimism is appropriate for paying our respects.

In a University-wide e-mail sent on Thursday, President Paul G. Gaffney II wrote: “On Sundays we are typically a quiet campus. We will break that tranquility this Sunday as we toll bells to remember the thousands of Americans - some friends, some family - who were lost in the criminal attacks on September 11, a decade ago. We take that moment to reflect, pray, remember.”

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