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Is Vlogging The New Reality Television?

While taking a study break this week, I logged on to YouTube to listen to some music. As I scrolled through my subscriptions on my main page, I found myself watching the channel “Watch Us Live and Stuff.” The channel stars Anthony Padilla, better known as Anthony from the popular YouTube channel Smosh, and his fiancée Kalel.

On this specific vlog, the couple was tasting foreign candy bars that they had found at a local food market. After watching the twelve-minute review, I thought to myself: ‘Why did I just watch that?’ Then I looked down and saw that the video already received roughly two hundred thousand views in two days. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought this video was somewhat interesting.

With the popularity of reality TV, it can be assumed that people enjoy viewing pretty much anything that others are doing and seeing what the result is going to be. YouTubers have taken their own approach with this idea by creating weekly or even daily videos about little tidbits of their lives.

It is easy to see why this has become very popular. These YouTube celebrities are giving their audience a look into their daily lives, which is an effective way to gain more viewers. However, these videos are not just about them going to a new restaurant or trying new makeup. Some of these vlogs include the YouTubers answering questions their fans ask on social media, or opening up mail and thanking their entire fan base.

These types of videos on YouTube have created a personable atmosphere and the lines of communication are constantly open between the entertainer and the audience. That could be the reason why it has become so popular among the masses, and why these YouTubers have gained millions of subscribers.

These entertainers, writers, and actors, create a casual, friendly, and down to earth virtual relationship with their fan base. Granted, their fans are the only reason they get paid through Google, but fans are also the reason why several celebrities have acquired so much success.

However, do not forget that there are extreme differences between YouTubers and other celebrities.Think about it, do you think we will ever see movie stars like Johnny Depp or Jennifer Aniston casually sitting in front of a computer, recording themselves answering fan mail?

Or would we see them conducting a live video web chat so they can interact and take suggestions from their audience? Would these celebs ever make a “Draw My Life” video talking about their struggles and achievements?

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The Hype Over All Things Healthy

The organic food craze has undoubtedly swept the nation in recent years and its popularity is only growing. But despite the huge trend organic foods has become, it still faces criticism Not being able to afford the high price tag of organic foods; and not trusting how organic foods are processed are just a few complaints typically heard from people.

  In today’s society, our focus is on quickness, convenience and instant gratification at the snap of a finger. Most of the time, we can do just that. Fast food chains and artificially processed rubbish are everywhere. But do we know what are we compromising ourselves to eat just for the convenience of faster, cheaper, and easier?

Sadly, even the big name supermarkets’ shelves are stocked with foods containing pesticides and chemicals that many (including myself) would argue are harmful to our health. While the switch may seem strange to many, having to spend those few extra dollars is worth it.

With organic foods it comes down to how the animals are nurtured and how plants are grown.  Organic means that the products are clean of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or genetically engineered seeds. Many people believe that because of these aspects, organic foods are safer and healthier over all.

You do not have to be a health freak to go organic. Organic products are tremendously beneficial to any lifestyle, and the changes necessary to make the switch are truly miniscule in perspective.

The high demand for organic products has it much more accessible to the general public by being available in supermarkets such as Shoprite, Stop & Shop, and even Wal-Mart. The reality is organic foods are usually only a couple of dollars more than their non-organic counterparts.

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Enough Backlash With Young Stars

backlash_with_young_starsLet’s face it - it is hard to deny that those in the public light live extravagant, glamorous lives. I am sure most of us would not have a difficult time accepting the offer to become famous overnight. Al­though, remembering that living in the public eye entails constant pa­parazzi stalking, harsh public scru­tiny and the spreading of ridiculous rumors might make us think twice before trading in our ordinary, non-famous lives.

As college students, these are the years where we are expected to make mistakes and grow as in­dividuals. Fortunately for any slip­ups made on our part, we are able to shrug them off and learn from them. Nowadays, what seems to be the main focus is young stars who are desperately trying to grow and mature while in the spotlight. Stars such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are constantly having their every move analyzed and criticized by the public. In today’s society, it seems that audiences are more en­gaged and some may even call it ob­sessed, with the daily lives of stars.

Let’s rewind to three weeks ago at MTV’s “Video Music Awards.” What seems to continue to be the topic of conversation is Miley Cyrus’ risqué performance during the awards show. Some may say the media is fixating way too much on Miley’s recent image and inappro­priateness. As a “Hannah Montana” fan, I was also in shock at what took place during that awards show, but I moved on. I feel the media is spending too much time focusing on the shocking performance. At the end of the day, Miley Cyrus is a young twenty-year old woman who is trying to shed her Disney image and mature as an artist. I am not a fan of the direction she is going in, but those are her choices. In an interview clip a few days after the VMA’s, Miley said it best herself, “What’s amazing is, we’re three days later and people are still talk­ing about.”

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The Anticipated Transition from Summer To Fall

transition_from_summer_to_fallAs a person gets older, it feels as if their summers become shorter. Before they know it, the dogwood tree fades from white to red and their closet changes from tee shirts to sweaters. Many tend to look at this transformation as glum and dreary, but I simply adore it.

Nearly everyone likes a good party and changing from summer to fall is the ignition of the party season. While it can be argued that summer has fun holidays, such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July, fall signals the long awaited festivi­ties involving lights.

Heading back to college is the most obvious reason why party season begins, but fall also is the catalyst to the holiday party sea­son. Starting off in October, we are blessed with Mischief Night and Halloween. Then comes No­vember, we have Thanksgiving where everyone in America fol­lows the feasting stereotype given to our country.

Included in the fall’s busy sched­ule is one of the most beloved American traditions: football. Ev­ery Sunday, family and friends gather around a television screen no matter the size to watch their fa­vorite team. When that team scores a touchdown, the wings begin to taste better, the air begins to smell fresher, and the tailgate becomes bigger.

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Increased Facebook Advertisements

As with most college students, Facebook has become a staple of socialization for me. Since it was created, the site has gained hun­dreds of millions of users. How­ever, over the past few months it seems that Facebook has been trying to increase revenue with more adver­tisements on the main news feed page. Originally, they used to just appear on the side bar of the site, but now the format has completely changed. Ad­vertising is the main way for online sites and companies to gain most of their income if they are not a business with a tangible product.

Normally, it never bothered me when I saw ads on the side for different stores, brands, and movies. Even if sometimes it felt a bit creepy that it was tailoring what advertisements were shown based on my likes and interac­tions with others.

Since the change, there are ads interwoven into my news feed in between the pictures and statuses of my Facebook friends. The ads themselves look like regular sta­tuses with like and comment sec­tions for people to use and share the advertisement. They do say that word of mouth is the best form of advertising; companies are just taking a more modern ap­proach on the idea. I do not nec­essarily disagree with the idea of Facebook increasing the amount of ads they present on their news feed. To me it is just an unim­portant annoyance I can live with or without. It is not like they are those annoying pop-up ads that you used to have to block on cer­tain sites.

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Adventures of Me and My Kruizer | Victoria Jordan's Senior Goodbye

adventures_of_me_and_my_kruizerGraduation brings goodbyes. Farewell to professors, dorm rooms, classes, and an invincible attitude. It also brings about a change in friend­ships. The classmates of four years, the roommates you lived with, and the friends you went out with are no longer right across the hallway from you. I have a different kind of story with something I consider to be one of my best friends. With it, I have not only made unforgettable memories but also hilarious life lessons that I am thrilled to share. These are the adven­tures of me and my beach kruizer.

I was given my beautiful orange beach kruizer on my 19 birthday, the summer before sophomore year of college. I know I said that this story is about the four years of college, but I had a mountain bike my freshman year and that just doesn’t add any in­terest to this story.

On my birthday, I knew that this bike would be the pride and joy of my next three years at MU. I would ride it everywhere: class, the beach, Dunkin Donuts, friends’ houses, the gym, you name it and that bike was with me. As I finish my last two weeks as a college student, my bike is still by my side. The two of us have learned many les­sons of everyday life.

“Late” is not a word in my vo­cabulary. There have been numerous mornings where I find myself rushing to get to my 8:30 class. By 8:25, I am zooming by everyone on the road and through campus. By 8:27, my bike is locked. By 8:29, I am sitting in my seat with my notes out ready to go.

Not only do I have to thank my legs for pedaling so quickly, but I also learned that time management does not always mean balancing several responsibilities. It can simply mean making sure I am not rushing myself to get somewhere important.

Although I will be taking a train into work from now on, I realized that being rushed isn’t always the safest option. The good thing about riding a bike everywhere is that I wasn’t oper­ating a vehicle going 60 mph in a 35 mph zone, so I would never get pulled over for how fast I was going. This brings me to lesson number two.

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Jobs Can Wait, Your Youth Can’t

jobs_can_wait_your_youth_cantFour years ago, I was graduating from high school, bringing 13 years of education to a monumental close. I headed to MU the following fall to begin my education as an undergrad. I remember feeling like anything was possible. I would graduate from MU, get a great job, make good mon­ey, eventually go to graduate school, and that would be that. Don’t get me wrong, I still expect those things to happen, but who says they have to happen the day after graduation?

One weekend during this semester when I was overloaded with school­work and barely had a second to breathe, it occurred to me that after I graduate, I have been in school for 17 years. That’s practically my whole life. I nearly had a panic attack think­ing about how my life is basically over.

After I graduate, I will start work­ing until I’m way too old to enjoy life or my successes.

Then I thought, if only I had just a few months where I could do noth­ing. No work, no school, no any­thing. Just relax.

I’m a firm believer in taking time off after graduating college before starting a career. When I say “time off,” I don’t mean time off from job searching, I just mean time off from working a typical summer job, and of course, schoolwork. I also don’t mean a year. I think that’s much too long and employers view that nega­tively. I believe a few months of lei­sure, fun and relaxation while job hunting is a reasonable tradeoff.

My parents own a house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, so I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be perfect if I could live there for the summer? I would continue looking for job op­portunities, but I would be doing it on a gorgeous beach in Florida. It seemed like the perfect plan to me.

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Staying Jersey Strong

In October, our state suffered one of the worst storms that it had seen in a century. After Sandy had hit, it looked like it would be a while until we recovered. I re­member seeing houses gone, de­bris everywhere, and people look­ing so lost, as they had no idea what to do next.

However, out of this natural di­saster, I saw something that I had felt disappeared for a long time: our community spirit. After win­ter break, I couldn’t help but notice that my fellow students were more empathetic and aware toward one another.

Along with other communities banding resources together to re­build, Monmouth stepped up to help. As soon as school was back in session, our student body came together to do what they could to aid the community that we all have become apart of. Greek life held multiple fundraisers, we held different types of food and cloth­ing drives, and at every one I saw my fellow students, along with myself, giving what they could.

“I think that people are help­ing out each other more, and a lot of people are giving. People have been giving money to help those in need, which I think is great,” said Alex Lustig, sophomore. “I really feel that the community is stronger and that has carried through the semester.”

Even though it was a hor­rible tragedy, I feel that a posi­tive change came out of this. Along with a strengthened bond among our student body, there was a change of heart among our students. I see people being a bit friendlier, including myself, and the petty ideas that used to bother us are now moot points.

We have seen what is truly im­portant after dealing with situa­tions out of our control where we had to rely and focus on each other in order to pull through.

One aspect I saw that really showed a shift in our school was the faculty. From the moment I stepped into my first class after we returned, every teacher was asking how we were all handling the situation. Each one of my pro­fessors offered extra office hours, textbooks, and modified their syl­labi in order to help students reach the end of the semester success­fully.

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End of Semester Guide

There is a light at the end of the semester; it is called summer. Now is the time when students are itching to get out of class and get to the beach. Despite craving to make it out of the semester alive, we have to buckle down and finish the semester strong.

End-of-the-semesteritis has to be an actual term, at least in the college world. The end of the semester is the toughest part. Students have projects, term papers, presentations, home­work, and let’s not forget the whole sleeping and eating thing.

Students have so much on their plate that it could satisfy someone’s hunger just by thinking about it. All of the projects, presentations, papers, and internship deadlines are looming over our heads, blocking our view of summer at the end of the semester.

But wait just a flip-flopping sun-screened second. There are ways to fight end-of-the-semesteritis. First things first, breathe. I’m not talking quick short breaths as you experience a nervous breakdown. I’m talking deep slow breaths. The quicker you breathe, the less carbon dioxide you give off, so in moments of hyperven­tilation, your body uses less oxygen, you’ll feel weak, and you won’t be as productive as you would be if you just breathe. So when you do find your­self getting stressed, remember to sit down and breathe. You’ll be able to clear your mind and it’ll help you buckle down and focus on the tasks you have to do.

Another thing that can help you see that summer light at the end of the se­mester is time management. Plan out all of your deadlines in a planner, and anytime you complete a task, cross it off, and the pay off will feel so good.

Last, but certainly not least, take study breaks. Giving yourself short study breaks allows for the informa­tion to sink in, and it is perfect for giv­ing yourself a breather from all of the academics you’ve been inhaling for the past hour and a half. After an hour or so of studying, take a break, a sip of Juicy Juice, listen some music, and chill out for 20 minutes. You’ll feel re­freshed and ready to get back to work.

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Online Dating Fraud

My boss’s nephew is getting mar­ried in September. I’ve had the plea­sure of meeting the happy couple, and they are a perfect match for one another. You know the type; they finish each other’s’ sentences, have the same ideals, morals, and interests, and know what the other needs before they do. But they avoid telling people the “real” story of how they met, changing it each time, from saying they met at a coffee shop to while rock climbing (by the way, nei­ther of them rock climbs).

The reality is that they met on To her, “Going online was easier. You have to pay to be on there, so you know that everyone on there wants to be in a relationship. I didn’t have the time to waste on peo­ple who weren’t serious.” With over 17 percent of the marriages this year being of couples who met online, this idea is becoming less and less odd.

According to, 40 million people have tried online dating, making the annual revenue of online dating sites over one billion dollars. However, with all of these statistics, there is a stigma around on­line dating. Although online dating can make beautiful relationships, we are gaining knowledge of the horrors of online dating.

We’ve all heard the stories. Meet a gorgeous model online and fall in love. She finally agrees to meet you at your local Starbucks only for you to find she looks more like Honey Boo Boo’s mom. How much time did you invest in this relationship? Messag­ing online, talking on the phone. This happens more than we would like to admit as we see in MTV’s television show, “Catfish.”

According to urbandictionary. com, the term “catfish” is, “someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, par­ticularly to pursue deceptive online romances.”

With the prevalence of the Manti Te’o scandal, the Notre Dame football player who was fooled into falling for “Lennay Kekua” who “died of leuke­mia,” being catfished is a becoming a mainstream worry to those foster­ing online relationships. In Te’o’s case, Kekua never existed, and the entire relationship blew up in his face in all of the tabloids, news channels and social media. And while this isn’t necessarily what one always should expect while trying online dating, or even just making friends online, it is a real possibility.

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Leaving a Legacy Behind

One Student Discusses Importance of Diversity at University

diversityIt is so close to graduation. As a senior, you look back at your years here and say, “Did I leave a legacy here? Did I make an im­pact on this community in West Long Branch, NJ?”

Personally, one of the things that find I myself looking for is the defining moment. What is that one experience that I have had that can define four years? I don’t know if it is possible, but there is one moment that I believe repre­sents the things that I want to see changed here at MU.

Let me introduce a fact from that I found in­teresting about the University.

Four percent of the students here at MU are black. Four per­cent seems like a small number, but when I saw two black students on the MU homepage when I was applying, I thought that the popu­lation percentage would in actu­ality be in the tens.

However, I am not voicing a gripe with the institution, but ar­guing a call to action for minority students who attend this univer­sity. Leave a legacy. And no, I am not referring to the bricks that you walk past every day on your way to class. Leave a legacy that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

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