2012 New Jersey Senate Election Candidates

2012 NJ Senate ElectionThe New Jersey Senate election will take place next November, concurrent with the 2012 Presidential election.

Incumbent democratic U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is running for reelection for a second full term.

Chances are Menendez will not face any serious opposition, but the Republicans have no clear candidate in the race yet.

There are many possible candidates that may throw their hat in the ring.

Ian Linker has officially announced himself as a candidate. Joseph Kyrillos, a State Senator from the 13th Legislative District is exploring a possible run as well.

Other possible candidates include Bill Baroni, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey deputy Executive Director, Jennifer Beck, State Senator, Lou Dobbs, radio personality, and Thomas Kean, State Senate Minority Leader.

Dr. Ronald Reisner, a professor of Criminal Justice, has a great deal of knowledge in New Jersey politics and law.

“Given the Kean family’s role in politics, New Jersey Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. will give a Senatorial run another chance,” Reisner said. Kean’s father, Tom Kean, was the Governor of New Jersey from 1982 to 1990 and the CoChair of the 9/11 Commission.

Reisner did not believe that Lou Dobbs would run and joked that Chris Christie is definitely not running.

Bob Menendez has $6.9 million cash on hand for his reelection campaign in 2012, according to his latest filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Menendez reported raising $1.7 million from July 1 through September 30, with much of that coming from individual donors, his filings show.

Menendez reported raising an additional $272,000 from political action committees, which are set up by corporations, labor unions, and other interest groups to raise and distribute campaign cash to candidates they favor.

Menendez, who is seeking reelection reported no debt.

His campaign reported expenses of nearly $261,000 in the latest quarter, according to the Federal Election Commission.

The only opponent to Menendez, who reported raising at least $5,000, was Republican Ian Linker. His latest filings were not available on the FEC website.

Between April and June, Linker reported raising $10,000.

The biography from Bob Menendez’s site states, “Bob Menendez’s story is a quintessential American story. He grew up as a son of immigrants in a tenement building in Union City and has risen to become one of 100 United States Senators. He has earned the reputation of a fighter for New Jersey families who puts their economic security and hometown security ahead of powerful special interests.”

According to Reisner, although the race has just begun, the nomination is currently being debated between Menendez and Linker.

Menendez has represented honorably and Linker has stood up for conservative principles. It is too early to be determined.

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