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“Roman Empire” Is Taking Over the Air Waves

dan-pictureLet’s talk politics! Hawk Radio WMCX introduces their new political radio show that takes place every Monday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

After a few weeks of taking suggestions as to what to name the show, the winner was “Roman Empire,” named after the host Daniel Roman, a sophomore policital science major. 

“I have a passion for politics and love to talk about it; once I start I can’t stop,” Roman said.

 Roman continued, “The goal of the show is to really try to get people at Monmouth more politically involved and create a dialogue. As a political science major it’s hard to see low levels of political engagement on campus.”

Every week Roman and his various guests focus on the current political events that they feel need to be highlighted, varying from Pope Benedict XVI resigning to the President’s performance that week. The main focus on Monday was the State of the Union address and the President’s promises for the next four years to come. It’s been discussed a few times on his show, that the President may be more centered politically than believed to be, a view that Roman and his guests usually agree on. 

Dr. Aaron Furgason, communication professor and advisor to Hawk Radio, commented on Roman’s show, believing that it will help to increase student activism

Furgason said, “Radio offers students more information and live participation through phone calls that other political shows do not.”

“Roman Empire” has a predominately progressive tone to it, as Roman, a registered Democrat, often takes the viewpoint of the liberal party. Yet there is a fair tone in some aspects of it as they discuss the President and his moderate stances on certain issues. 

The show is an infusion of modern politics with modern rock. The music helps to further set the tone of the progressive side of the show, with bands such as Rise Against, Blink 182, Vampire Weekend, and much more.

“I want the music to try to go along with what we are trying to say politically. We play a lot of Rise Against, because they are politically aligned with the same things I am. They are activists for Animal and Environmental rights,” said Roman

Dr. Joseph Patten, Chair of the Political Science and Sociology Department said, “Dan is very knowledgeable about national and state politics and enjoys talking politics with people of all political stripes.”

 Roman welcomes all political views on the show, either through phone calls or guest appearance on the show. So far junior communication major Ashley Pacifico, junior history major Dylan Maynard, and freshman communication major Nash Weiner have made guest appearances on Roman’s show. He hopes to attract a larger crowd of students with all different points of views to come on and add into the discussions, and help to expand listeners.  

Patten believes, “Dan’s political talk show will be a big hit.  He’s thoughtful, well informed, and has a very friendly personality.” 

The show is already having success, and only after three shows listeners are tuning in from across the country.

“There are two listeners out in California that listen from the app RadioFlag, and they have both commented that they love the show,” Roman explained.

The app RadioFlag is available to iPhone users to download for free and tune into radio stations of their choice including Hawk Radio. Also, you can tune in from the Monmouth University app that is available to iPhone and Android users. All you have to do is tune into WMCX 88.9FM to catch Roman’s show.

If you are interested in getting involved in the political talk, you can phone in during the show and talk to Roman and his guests, or if you want to appear on Roman’s show contact him through his University email at

“Roman Empire” airs on Mondays from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at WMCX 88.9FM.

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