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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

State to Even Playing Field for Private Colleges

Planning Additions and Renovations May Get Easier for University

new_art_buildingA bill in the New Jersey General Assembly could affect the University with regard to zoning laws. Assembly bill 2586/ Senate bill 1534 would give private universities such as Monmouth the same status under the Municipal Land Use Law as public universities. Right now public universities are exempt from local zoning jurisdiction, while private universities are not. This bill will give private universities an even playing field. The bill has passed the New Jersey State Senate with a 26-8 vote and is now waiting in the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

According to Peter Reinhart, Esq. Director, Kislak Real Estate Institute, “The difference is that Monmouth has to go through the planning and zoning board of adjustments in the town while public universities such as Rutgers are exempt.” Reinhart does mention, however, that the University will still have to open up the plan for public comment; it can choose to ignore such provisions.

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Trophy Wives? Not Quite

Women to Play an Important Role in Election

obama-dncChange seems to be on the horizon in terms of female representation and involvement in the political spectrum, primarily stemming from the ultimate need for the female vote in this upcoming election.

Such was clearly displayed at both the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) during their respective times. It was here at these conventions that women’s rights in the form of health care, contraception, and equal pay were discussed in the hopes to obtain the female voters attention and female speakers’ approval alike.

Micah Reilly, a junior communication student, advocates that these are the right motions to be going through in order to draw in the female voter. “Chances are that the only thing that is going to make someone pay attention is when there is a problem or a cause that directly speaks to that person, or in this case that demographic. By talking about the issues, like contraception I know is a big one, the female voters are going to listen and then hopefully go with the side that offers the best solution in their eyes,” says Reilly.

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Third Party Candidates Looking to Inspire College Students

gary johnson politicsAs the country now finds itself in the thick of yet another presidential election cycle, the names of candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are indelibly seared into the subconscious sentience of just about anyone who has turned on a television or logged into a computer over the past 12 months.

These candidates, for better or worse, have risen to the top of the American political sphere and have reduced the competition for the most powerful office on earth to simply one man pitted against the other.

The nature of a two-candidate race dictates that there be total focus devoted to the two men vying for the White House, but throughout this election season, there have been other candidates outside the mainstream who have thrown their hats into the ring that have not garnered the attention of the 24-hour media frenzy.

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The Debt Debacle That No One is Talking About

Federal Debt Could Affect College Students Sooner Rather Than Later

Since the beginning of the economic crisis that has plagued the United States’ economy for the past several years, the discussion of ballooning federal deficits and the overall federal government debt has really gained importance.

The federal debt is a measure of the accumulation of all federal deficits in the past since America’s constitution went into effect. These deficits occur when the government spends more than what they are collecting in revenue or taxes. The government finances the extra money they need by selling treasury notes (essentially loans) to investors and countries from all over the world. The government then pays interest on those treasury notes just as a college student pays interest on college loans until they can pay it back entirely.

The “Debt Crisis” is an issue that transcends partisanship because presidents and congressional members of both parties have had ample opportunities to address the issue, but none have risen to the occasion.

Today, the government finds itself in a difficult position where it must find a strategy that can ease the concerns of businesses, investors, and everyday Americans without interrupting the already frail economic recovery.

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The Ins and Outs of Interning in Politics

University Student Interns with Congressman; Encourages Others to do the Same

politics-dan-romanWhen I heard those words, “Come in on Monday” I was ecstatic. I wasn’t certain I would get the internship I applied for with Congressman Bill Pascrell, from the 8th district in New Jersey, I just applied thinking the worst they could say is no. So when I heard I had gotten it , I was beyond happy. I never thought that they would take a freshman, especially with so many juniors and seniors looking for experience in politics before they graduate. I gratefully accepted and started one of the most exciting summers of my life.

I went to the Paterson office at the perfect time. Starting in May, I was thrown into a contentious campaign. Pascrell was battling fellow incumbent Congressman Steve Rothman for the Democratic nomination for the newly drawn 9th Congressional district in New Jersey. Rothman and Pascrell had been forced to battle because of redistricting in the state. Rothman had a choice to go after Republican Congressman Scott Garrett, but thought Pascrell would be easier to pick off. Congressman Pascrell said it best when he quipped “With friends like these, who needs enemies”.

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Mock Trial is Now in Session

New Mock Trial Team Started at the University

politics-mock-trial-groupThe University is proud to announce the formation of a mock trial team. The team will be coached by Dr. Gregory Boredelon, lecturer of law.

The purpose of the mock trial team is to simulate court room proceedings so that students can understand the pressures of performing in a court room. The tournaments are sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

Boredelon believes students will learn many skills that are necessary to become an effective attorney. Boredelon said,“The most focused skill learned is the science of trial advocacy, obviously. More importantly, it can show team members the ins-and-outs of daily litigation work for many newly-minted lawyers.” “However, having to learn rules of evidence and some trial procedure also is a bit like a college course because the team members will have to not only know these rules cold but also be able to apply them in a very quick manner when raising objections. Public speaking skills and acting are in there as well.”

The team is made up of six students: Katelyn Nawoyski (Team Captain), Alexandria Todd, Jenna Ferraro, Susan Pagano, Cara Turcich and Michael Lucia.

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U.N. General Meeting Arrives Amid Video Controversey

Human Rights Problems at the Top of the Agenda

The annual U.N. General Assembly meeting, which is intended to celebrate the world’s common values, this year is exposing instead the gulf between Western and Islamic perspectives on freedom of expression, posing an unexpected challenge for President Barack Obama when he speaks in New York City Tuesday.

Prompted by the anti-Muslim video produced in California that has stirred deadly riots around the world, delegations from major Muslim nations have arrived at the U.N. prepared to demand international curbs on speech or media that they believe defame their religion or the Prophet Muhammad.

Western leaders say they won’t give ground on free speech, but the clash is souring the mood at a gathering that diplomats had hoped would yield new collaboration on Syria, the dispute over Iran’s nuclear development and the challenges newly elected governments face a year after the “Arab Spring” toppled authoritarian rulers in the Middle East and North Africa.

The demand for limits on anti- Islamic expression is coming from leading Islamic groups such as the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, and leaders as diverse as Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Erdogan, who Obama views as a key ally, has declared that all 57 Islamic nations “should speak forcefully with one voice,” and has called for “international legal regulations against attacks on what people deem sacred.”

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Tweet Tweet #Victory

Social Media Becomes a New Battleground for Obama and Romney

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans are using social networking websites, a study from the Pew Research Center revealed in May 2012. As the amount of social media users continues to grow, so does the question of whether or not social media will play a crucial role in this presidential election.

In order to express their message and to gain support from the American public, presidential candidates in recent years have chosen to not only use, but to embrace social media as their method of engaging voters in the election process.

Former presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt mastered the radio; John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon made use of the television; President Barack Obama put the spotlight on social media in his 2008 presidential victory, establishing Facebook and Twitter’s status in the political election process.

After President Obama’s victory, the 2008 presidential election came to be known as “the social media election,” because of the Obama team’s use of the Internet to both raise money and engage in grassroots networking.

Since that time there has been an explosion in the variety and reach of the digital tools made available to voters, campaigns, and the candidates themselves, providing powerful and significant new ways to lobby for both finances and votes. Today, Republicans and Democrats alike are engaging in all-out social media war over the attention of the American public.

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American Presidency Class Comes to Campus

Political Science Class that Comes Every Four Years is Getting Rave Reviews

patten picture
The 2012 Presidential election is only two and a half months away which means it’s time for the University political science department to again offer a class that runs every four years. The American Presidency, being taught this semester by Dr. Joseph Patten. Chair of political science department.

The class is now underway and is discussing not only this year’s election but also what the presidency means in a broader context. To try to begin to understand what the presidency does to someone, just look at before and after pictures of most presidents. President Barack Obama, not yet done with his first term, has more than a few gray hairs. No one can truly understand being the President unless they have the job.

But this class will be able to show how the commanderin- chief has evolved from the very first person to hold the job, General George Washington, to 223 years later President Barack Obama.

Everyone knows the president and what he stands for. However does the president really have many powers? What kind of chief executive did the founding fathers envision?

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Life After College: Jobs in Political Science

Degree Offers Opportunities to Graduates

Amid the current economic uncertainties plaguing the job market, it is hopeful that students enjoy clear advantages over much of their competition. For students majoring in political science, the broad scope and varied nature of the discipline readies them for a multitude of diverse career paths which are not strictly limited to the realm of politics or government.

The obvious job choices for many political science majors certainly include office-holding positions such as becoming elected officials, city managers, committeemen, or federal employees, but the broad focus of the discipline also readies students for careers in many other areas.

William Hill, Assistant Dean of Career Services spoke about some of the more popular career choices of political science graduates. “The fields political science graduates have gone into include law, government, higher education, financial services, and non-profit organizations. Examples of jobs they have gotten include paralegal, media specialist, admission counselor, research interviewer and policy assistant to name a few.

According to literature available from the Department of Political Science and Sociology, other career options available to political science majors include business, marketing, the military, public relations, education, law enforcement, lobbying, systems analysis, journalism, and international diplomacy.

Today’s employers seek to hire motivated, skillful, and dedicated personnel irrespective of specific areas of expertise and this fact is at the very forefront of efforts made by University to instill these traits in its students.

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Booker Bouts for Obama at DNC

New Jersey Mayor Becomes Rising Democratic Star at Convention

Newark Mayor Cory Booker took the Democratic National Convention stage on Tuesday, September 2. Booker was selected by the Democratic Committee in an attempt to energize the party’s base. Booker was one of two New Jersey politicians to take the national stage at a political convention. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke at the Republican National Convention last week.

He spoke about the Democrats’ platform and explained why incumbent President Barack Obama was the best person to lead the country.

The main point of Booker’s speech was differentiating President Obama’s economic vision and Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s. “We choose American economic might and muscle, standing strong on the bedrock of the American ideal: a strong, empowered and ever-growing middle class,” said Booker. Booker also advocated for small businesses. “It is our most fundamental national aspiration— that no matter who you are, no matter what your color, creed, how you choose to pray or who you choose to love, that if you are an American— first generation or fifth—one who is willing to work hard, play by the rules and apply your God-given talents— that you should be able to find a job that pays the bills,” said Booker.

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