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Hobby Lobby Case: Should Contraceptives Be Covered Under Health Insurance? Pt.2

As some of you may know (or may not know) the Supreme Court is hearing a case that could potentially give corporations the right to refuse some, or even all contraceptive services, on the basis that it is against their religious rights. When the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) went into effect, health insurance companies were required to cover all forms of birth control. As per the law, religious non-profits were exempted from having to provide birth control through their offered health care plans. The Hobby Lobby, a for profit organization, brought the case to court because the CEOs are conservative Christians, and they object to IUDs and the morning after pill, saying that they are forms of abortion because they prevent life from forming, according to NPR. The Supreme Court is expected to reach a decision in June.

Now that you have the facts, let me state my case. I severely hope that the Supreme Court will not find in favor of The Hobby Lobby. I am not saying this because I am a liberal; I am saying this because I am a woman, and I have rights too. The HIPPA (Human Information Privacy Protocols Act) laws state that I do not have to share any health information. My doctor cannot share any health information, unless I sign a waiver that says someone like my mother, father or sister can be informed, according to What The Hobby Lobby case is asking for is for me to reveal private health information. My employer does not need to know whether or not I use any form of birth control. That information is between me, my doctor, and my significant other.

And let us talk about birth control. It is not just IUDs and the morning after pill. It is a pill that helps to relieve menstrual cramps, regulate cycles and hormones, and prevent or help ease acne. Sure, it also helps to prevent pregnancy, but it is not 100 percent effective. Other measures must be taken. And if corporations suddenly do not have to offer birth control through their health care plans, and if funds keep getting cut to Planned Parenthood, where a woman can get access to birth control, no questions asked, Dayton Daily News and where exactly am I supposed to go for a pill that does more for me than just prevent pregnancy?

And does this case mean, should The Hobby Lobby win, that men’s health care will be cut? According to, most health insurance companies will cover prescriptions for Viagra. Does this mean that employers will start asking men why they need this prescription? I mean, it is only fair that if I have to state why I need birth control, a man in the same position as me should have to defend why he needs Viagra.

I want to know where the line will be drawn. When will enough be enough? Why does religion have to be brought to the workplace? Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? What if I do not believe in a higher power (and I am not saying that I do not believe, just play along for argument’s sake), can I get birth control through my company health insurance plan? Will an exception be made for me? According to is it not bad enough that the Supreme Court decided that corporations are “people” so they do not have to pay taxes, and can spend money on elections? Now they want to give corporations the right to religion too? What is next? The right to own weapons? In my opinion, corporations are not people and therefore do not deserve the right to freedom of religion. Corporations should be entities that provide jobs for people, and a product or service for society. That is all. Religion has nothing to do with that.

This case makes me nervous, and angry. I am a citizen of this country. I have rights. I have a college education. I am perfectly capable of working and providing for myself. Someday, I want a family. That day is not right now. What is so hard for some people to see women as equals to men? Why are women constantly being attacked? Why do I have to defend my right to a pill that does more for me than just prevent pregnancy?


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