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Social Justice Leader: Prisca Blamon

SocialThis week Monmouth University women’s track and field student-athlete, Prisca Blamon was granted a position as part of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) SAAC Social Justice Committee. The committee is designed to eliminate racial inequality, and also promote gender equity. The goal to make a compendious setting for the schools playing in the conference.

Social 2The committee’s job is strengthening the voices of the minority student-body, specifically student-athletes. The MAAC-SAAC Social Justice Committee will look to evaluate ways to curb social injustice. This will require the help of coaches and administrators around the conference. Other conferences like the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), have also taken similar steps in order to understand minority athletes, to foster open conversations about athletes, and ensure a positive environment for them to play in.

The way the Social Justice Committee is set up is that a student from each of the conference’s schools is selected. Each will cycle through the other institutions in order to discuss issues and topics all around the conference. The meeting will be held every month, with the purpose to present different ideas and findings throughout the MAAC.

Social 3Blamon has found that the position is powerful and that it gives a voice to a voiceless section of the student body. “It allows me to give a voice to those who felt as if they haven’t had one before, myself included. While educating others on the experiences of their peers, I hope to force non-minorities to gain new perspectives on common issues,” says Blamon.

Blamon is looking towards the bigger picture she does not want to limit herself to just changing things for colleges but beyond it as well. “This issue is important to me because racial discrimination is not just an issue within the college campus but also in the workforce reminding all of us that we are more than our uniforms,” said Blamon. “In my times as Social Justice Chair, I hope to educate, bring awareness, and be a part of a generation to end racial injustice.”

Blamon’s appointment is one that is indicative of a national conversation taking place. Having a committee like the MAAC-SAAC Social Justice Committee, will facilitate a future where injustices like racial and gender inequity can be mitigated.

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