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Attractions and Excitement for Students Near the University

Around the CornerWith all of the excitement of New York City an hour away, students can overlook the activities right in their own backyard.

Monmouth and the surrounding counties have many attractions that can provide entertainment for any student looking for something to do on the weekends, and none of them require too much of a drive.

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari is located in Jackson, NJ, about 30 minutes from the University.

For anyone who has ever been to a Six Flags, you know that there is enough entertainment to last all day. Great Adventure in Jackson boasts rides like “Batman” and the new “Green Lantern,” which opened this past May.

Along with “Batman” and “Green Lantern,” the park has over 15 thrill rides, multiple family rides, and a drive-through safari. Fright Fest is also coming up, which occurs every weekend in October.

These weekends include fright tours and access to some popular rides at night. It is a great thing to do to get into the Halloween spirit.

In addition, from now until September 25, there is a deal that anyone who buys their ticket to Great Adventure online pays the kids’ price opposed to the adult price.

Sandy Hook is also a great place to visit in the area. The beach is a perfect spot to relax with friends, swim, bike, skateboard, or surf.

Plus, there are trails around the beach if you want to engage in some hiking or biking with a beautiful view.

As a bonus, if you get hungry while at the beach, Sandy Hook offers many choices of restaurants for the people who do not want to leave to grab some food. You can even see the New York skyline from some of the beaches.

But if you are looking for a beach with more activities, Jenkinson’s Beach Boardwalk in Point Pleasant is the place to be. Unlike Long Branch’s boardwalk, Point Pleasant’s has many shops and games.

The boardwalk also has a small aquarium. Exhibits in the aquarium include penguins, alligators, seals, sharks and a touch tank.

It’s not the biggest aquarium, but it hosts some interesting animals.

You can also indulge in some good boardwalk food like fried Oreo’s, funnel cake, fudge, ice cream, pizza, and french fries.

In the springtime, catching a Blueclaws game is a great way to spend the night. The Blueclaws are a minor league baseball team from Lakewood, NJ. They might not be the Yankees or the Mets, but they are much closer and much cheaper.

If you are looking for a more historical, educational attraction or maybe you just like learning about the past, then you should check out the Newark Museum. It is a little farther than the other attractions but it is also the largest museum in New Jersey.

The museum includes a fire escape exhibit where people can view actual materials used in firefighting and hear stories of miraculous recoveries. It also has fossils that have been found in New Jersey.

Besides attractions, there are many areas around the University that have a lot of good shopping. These include the Jersey Shore Outlets and the Jackson Premium Outlets. Both have many popular brand-name stores to choose from.

If there is something you want to do, whether it is going to the beach, finding some thrilling rides, or visiting historical areas, there is someplace to do it just around the corner from the University.