JP Suttile

Student Spotlight on JP Suttile

Jon Suttile, known by his peers and professors as JP, has an exciting few months to look forward to.

A senior political science student, he was recently selected for an internship with The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia’s Strategic Communications Department. After pursuing the internship from Jan. 27 to April 30, he is set to graduate with his political science degree in the spring.

According to their official website, The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia is the largest US attorney’s office, is responsible for the prosecution of all federal crimes, and represents civil proceedings filed in federal court. Suttile is one of four interns to get accepted into their program.

“To work with such a good organization makes me super excited,” said Suttile, with an impassioned grin that never left his face. “I’ll get to have a lot of perspectives on different things that they do. I also want to see how I like the Washington D.C. life.”

Suttile hopes that this internship will pave the way for a future in law school.

He said, “I want to go to law school even if I don’t want to be an actual lawyer litigating in the courtroom. Just the prospects of having a law degree and being able to go a bunch of different directions with it interested me. That’s going to lead me down the path of the most opportunities. What I’m going to get out of it is seeing how their office works, so that way I have that actual practical experience to put on my resume, and maybe that will help me get into law school.”

The University’s esteemed political science department has been a support system for Suttile as he progresses with a keen interest in law.

“The political science department has probably been the best thing I’ve ever walked into,” expressed Suttile. “Every professor there is so attentive and genuinely excited when I talk to them. There’s no way I would be able to get that internship and be where I am without that entire department, especially Dr. Patten and Dr. Dooley.”

Suttile continued, “The [political science] classes are very conversational, so whatever you bring to the table makes the classes that much better. It prepared me to go into the internship and be able to critically think and evaluate things on my feet, which is probably what they’re going to expect me to do.”

A dedicated student, Suttile is a member of the Debate Team, works as a student ambassador and an orientation leader, and works as a research assistant for the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Suttile started at Monmouth as a homeland security major, but after realizing that he had a stronger interest in law, he decided to follow the political science route while keeping a homeland security minor.

Kevin Dooley Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology, has been an inspiration for Suttile as he studies his passion here at Monmouth.

Dooley said, “I have had the pleasure of working with JP Suttile for a few years. JP is well suited for the Department of Justice because of his work within the field of cyber security. JP spent a great deal of time over the past year investigating how democracies and non-democracies approach the issue of cyber terrorism. JP is a hard worker and one of the most committed students I have ever encountered. He will be a tremendous addition to the DOJ.”

Joe Patten, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Political Science and the University’s Washington Semester liaison, also spoke on this opportunity for one of his most prominent students.

“It’s really prestigious, not only for JP but for Monmouth, to have a student placed in the Department of Justice,” Patten mused. “JP is very deserving [of the placement]. He is one of the top students at Monmouth; not only does he work hard, he is also very bright and has a lot of humility.”

“I just want that perspective of the different opportunities that there are,” said Suttile. “It will give me more clarity of where I want to go career wise. That’s why I’m excited.”