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Local Night Life Specials for College Students

Fall is here and pumpkin spiced lattes are back. This summer we survived an earthquake and a hurricane, and fall could not have come sooner. The weather is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, no need for air conditioning or heat that could sky rocket your utility bills for the month. Take that money saved and enjoy yourself this fall. Times are tough, and money may be tight, but a fun night out with your friends doesn’t have to be expensive. Many surrounding bars have adopted their own college night during the week, and offer drink specials for their close-to-broke college customers.

If you need a little pick me up on Monday to start your week week off right, Mix Lounge on Brighton Avenue in Long Branch has got your fix. Their signature “Mix Monday’s” features a full menu of martinis for half the price. On any other day their wide assortment of delicious flavored martinis will cost you $12 each, but on Mondays, get two for the price of one. The staff is very accommodating and personable, and is always ready to take your next order and give you suggestions when you can’t make up your mind. “We love ‘Mix Mondays’,” said Kim Rookwood, a Monmouth senior. “It’s our Monday night girls spot. It’s small for a bar, but the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.”

Tuesday…an awkward day of the week. You’ll almost never hear someone say, “Thank God it’s Tuesday,” unless of course, you go to Monmouth. For the 21 and over crowd, you have some options.

It’s a big night for Brighton Avenue. You have the ability to bounce back and forth between the ever-popular Jack’s, and the newer, yet equally appealing Draft House–neither, of which have a cover. Catrina Kostelas, a Monmouth senior, raves that Jack’s offers $2 Bud Lights, a great atmosphere, and even ski ball.

Tuesdays at the Draft House may be a Monmouth favorite due to their “BYOM” policy, “Bring Your Own Mug.” Each person has the option to bring any cup of any size (most go for the 7-11 “Big Gulp,”) and the bartender will fill it with Miller Lite draft for only $2. According to the Draft House’s Facebook page, Thursdays also feature Jersey Shore’s resident DJ, John Faruggio. “Faruggio was great all summer at D’Jais in Belmar, it’s awesome to have him at Monmouth now too,” said 21-year-old Billy Soletti, a Monmouth senior.

The weekend’s almost here, but not quite. Enjoy “Wild Wednesday’s” at The Fixx in Red Bank. The bar’s Facebook page boasts the great specials offered, including open bar all night -$15 for ladies, and $30 for guys. Don’t want to drive all the way to Red Bank? No problem. Big Moe Taxi Service offers a free shuttle from the University to The Fixx, as well as pick-ups along the way. “It’s about a twenty minute drive, but with a free cab it’s completely worth it,” said Alex Plenzo, a Monmouth senior. “The money you would spend on a few drinks anywhere else, you’re spending on an open bar all night long, and a free ride there and back.”

Thursday, one of the most popular nights of the week for college students, is also known as “thirsty Thursday.”

College Thursdays at Avenue in Pier Village are back. Kara Hunt, hostess at Avenue and senior at Monmouth, says that the Thursday night specials include $2 Bud Lights, $5 mixed drinks, and $125 Stoli bottles for table service.

Last Thursday, Monmouth senior Sean Johnstone, “Sean John” was the DJ. “He was great,” said Patrick Bennett, Sommelier and Manager of Avenue. “The crowd was good and everyone seemed to be having a really good time.”

Avenue is a unique atmosphere with a gorgeous outdoor deck that overlooks the ocean in Pier Village. “It’s more of a New York City/Hoboken scene, rather than the rest of the bars around Monmouth. Everyone always gets dressed up. It’s a good place to go to start the weekend,” said Jaimee Saracen, a senior at Monmouth.

For girls who are not quite at the legal age to be at the bar, Thursday is also the night for you. Check out Bogart’s Bar Bistro in Eatontown. According to Keith McPherson, one of Bogart’s promoters, “Thursday nights are 18 to get in for girls and 21 to get in for guys starting September 29.”

Many students have enjoyed Bogart’s already. “It’s usually packed. They stop letting people in before 11,” said Jenna Badulato, a Monmouth junior.

If you’re looking to go out any night of the week, and intend on enjoying a few drinks with friends, make the right decision when it comes to getting home safe. Big Moe’s Taxi Service will run on Tuesdays at Draft House, Wednesdays at The Fixx in Red Bank, and Thursdays at Draft House and The Avenue. Moe has his own Facebook page, and can be spotted driving a big white van with his name on the side.

Enjoy yourself this fall. Enjoy the weather, the pumpkin spiced lattes, the leaves changing colors, and all the nightlife the local area has to offer.

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