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Alpha Kappa Psi Raises Money for the Ronald McDonald House

The members of Alpha Kappa Psi volunteered in a bike-a-thon on the coast of the Jersey shore. All proceeds are going to the Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch.

The Ronald McDonald House and St. Luke’s Soup Kitchen in Long Branch are the two philanthropic organizations supported by Alpha Kappa Psi. The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that houses the families of ill children who are being treated far away from home. Their mission is “to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children.” The Ronald McDonald House services include giving the families’ basic meals, private bedrooms, and playrooms for the children. The Ride for Ronald McDonald House was presented by IOA insurance along with the Children’s Hospital of Monmouth Medical Center.

The Ronald McDonald House bike-a-thon was set up at Seven Presidents Park near Pier Village. The bike-a-thon started at 7:30 am and there was a $35.00 entrance fee per biker. Children 12 and under could participate for free. Participants had to fill out a registration form prior to the bike-a-thon in order to participate. Individuals who donated $300 or a group of two riders or more who presented $250 dollars to the cause were awarded with a “Ride for the Ronald McDonald House” bike jersey. There were three courses set up ranging from ten miles, thirty miles, and sixty miles long.

Some Alpha Kappa Psi brothers went to the Monmouth Medical Center the night before the bike-a-thon to make ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins) to hand out to the participants.

“They had everything covered from rest stops to bike mechanics,” said Louis Yuliano, E Board Chair of Philanthropy for Alpha Kappa Psi. There were four rest stops placed 15 miles apart located in Long Branch, Asbury, Farmingdale and Colts Neck. “It was the

Ronald McDonald House bike ride, but most volunteers were from Monmouth University Alpha Kappa Psi,” said Yuliano. There were seven Alpha Kappa Psi colonists as well as other volunteers at every rest stop to hand out food and drink to the participants. The bike-a-thon ran until about two o’clock in the afternoon. “I think it went well, it was a great way to raise money and everything went smoothly,” said Yuliano.

The planning for this bike-a-thon started back in April, “Without Lou (Yuliano) none of this would have been possible,” said Christian Klein, Chair of Philanthropy for St. Luke’s Soup Kitchen, “He doesn’t get enough credit for all the work he does.”

The members of Alpha Kappa Psi were supervised while making snacks and at the bike-a-thon by the Chief Operating Officer of Monmouth Medical Center along with other volunteers. Thirty Alpha Kappa Psi members arrived at six o’clock in the morning, an hour before the event, to help set up.

Alpha Kappa Psi plans to discuss future philanthropic events with John Buzza, Business Professor and Alpha Kappa Psi advisor. For their next event, they plan on doing a fundraiser for Saint Luke’s Soup Kitchen in Long Branch.

“Professor Gorman has been very helpful. He does everything with us,” said Yuliano. William Gorman, History Professor and an advisor of Alpha Kappa Psi, went to the preevent volunteer meeting on Thursday night with Yuliano and Jenna Bartley, senior. At this meeting, information on where to set up and what to do for the bike-a-thon event was given out. Gorman also helped make snacks at Monmouth Medical Center Friday night.

Altogether, The Ronald McDonald bike-a-thon raised over $1,000. “This was the inaugural bike-a-thon in which we hope to have each year from here on out,” said Klein.

PHOTO COURTESY of Christian Klein