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Are You Ever Too Old for Halloween?

When growing up Halloween is like a dream come true. What little boy doesn’t want to dress up as his favorite superhero and what little girl would deny being a princess for a day? Not to mention the candy. It is the one night where a child can eat as much candy as he or she wants without getting yelled at.

As you get older though, you have to wonder, when am I too old for Halloween? Here at The Outlook we tried to answer this question.

The editors had mixed feelings on Halloween, but not one said that the holiday should stop being celebrated when reaching a certain age. They simply stated that celebrating this holiday is quite different when you get older.

Most people may think that trick-or-treating should come to an end after you are a teenager, but some of The Outlook editors disagree. They don’t think that there is anything wrong with people in their late 20’s going from door to door shouting “trick or treat!” Let’s be honest, everyone loves free candy.

However, some believe that trick or treating should have an age limit and that college students shouldn’t be going house-to-house collecting candy. For these people, a little on-campus Halloween mischief seemed a bit more appropriate.

Students who are underage have more trouble when trying to find ways to celebrate this holiday. Several of us feel that this year, the University tried its best to give students Halloween activities, but some feel the University could have tried harder.

With University sponsored events like the Haunted Tour of Wilson and pumpkin carving on the Quad, students were given different ways to celebrate Halloween on campus without leaving. Even with these events, some of the editors feel like underage students will be left bored in the dorms with nothing to do on the evening of Halloween.

The Outlook does not think that Halloween has to be celebrated with a party, but we do think that students should stay safe. If there was more to do on campus, students wouldn’t turn to partying to celebrate this holiday. They shouldn’t turn to underage drinking either because it really is not worth getting in trouble.

If students cannot find things they are interested in on campus, some of the editors feel that they should host their own movie marathon. Scary movies like “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” are classic horror movies that can put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

With campus being so close to Six Flags Amusement Park, Fright Fest is something that students of any age can enjoy. Haunted hayrides and going to haunted houses of any kind are activities that people have done to celebrate Halloween for years.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Dressing up is one of the most important parts of Halloween, and many bars and other establishments offer costume contests to help keep the spirit of Halloween alive into adulthood.

Most of us feel that Halloween doesn’t get harder to celebrate as you get older. There are still plenty of things to do for students and older people as well. Just because you are not a child doesn’t mean that you cannot get into the spirit of Halloween.

Everything can be age appropriate, with the possible exception of trick-or-treating. Everyone truly is a child at heart. Any occasion where a person is allowed to let out their inner-child should certainly be embraced. So, even if you think you are getting a little too old to be dressing up, think again. Don’t crush your dreams of being Superman for the day just because you think you look silly. On Halloween, everyone is allowed to look silly, no matter how old you are.