Finally a Break…Sort of

For the first time, our University is implementing a “Fall Break.” Obviously, this addition of extra time off during our busy fall semester caused a great deal of excitement among students. However, most of these high expectations fell short when students learned that the time off bears no resemblance to the anxiously awaited “Spring Break,” and, in fact, is only one day off from classes.

From one aspect, we as students are at least being given one extra day off in the semester, which makes it hard to complain about. However, this “Fall Break” has on-campus students asking if it is doing more damage than good.

Since some students don’t have Friday classes, it does not change much other than giving on-campus individuals the inconvenience of moving out of the residence halls for three days. Students who live far away from campus and don’t have a car are being truly affected by this break.

They can put in a request form with the Office of Residential Life to be allowed to stay in the halls over the three day break, but what happens to eating? The Dining Hall is closing on Thursday night, leaving students without a way of getting food for three days.

Most of the halls do not have kitchens, so students are left to fend for themselves. Residential Halls and on-campus facilities should be required to stay open, so out-of-state students paying for their meal plans should not be forced to purchase food elsewhere.

While this is how the break is affecting on-campus students, commuters are not as impacted since most plan their schedule to not have Friday classes and those renting houses or apartments in the area and in off-campus housing through the University are planning on staying anyway.

Many other colleges have implemented a Fall Break to give students a few days off from schoolwork; however, most of those colleges are giving students a whole weekend plus two days during the week, resulting in a nice four-day break.

Why does Monmouth have to be different? A four-day break makes much more sense. Instead of calling it a “Fall Break,” why not just call it a “Fall Friday?” If the University is calling it a “Fall Break,” shouldn’t it be as long as “Spring Break?”

The University should have at least opted to give students Thursday and Friday off. It gives us enough time to travel back home, unwind, and spend some much needed time with family and friends. It would also give faculty some time off from being in the classroom.

Some may say that the break is a waste of time and energy, giving us unnecessary hassle for one day, as if we don’t already have enough stress with our classes and other obligations.

On the bright side of it, students going back home for the weekend will surely make their families happy. Students can also catch up on some much needed sleep and study for upcoming midterms.

Although the break is a good suggestion to our fall semester schedule, it is much too short. It’s an improvement from previous years when we didn’t have any days off during the fall semester other than Thanksgiving Break. Let’s hope that in the future, the University will implement a longer Fall Break.