Squawk With Hawk 10.05.11

Squawk with A Hawk 10/05/11

Managing Editor Brett Bodner sits down with graduate midfielder and former Entertainment Editor Morganne Firmstone.

Outlook: How do you believe this year’s team is in comparison to last year’s team?

MF: I’m not going to say we’re better this year because we lost really big players in Meredith (Violi), Nora (Bosmans), and Katz (Melissa) but I think that we filled the spots that we had to. Obviously I’m hoping to not get second at NEC’s this year.

Outlook: How much do you miss The Outlook and what do you miss the most?

MF: I miss The Outlook a lot. I had so much fun being involved in another student group. What do I miss the most? You (laughs), and Anthony, Gina, Netta, Amanda, and Matt too.

Outlook: What are you going to Graduate School for?

MF: I’m going for a degree in public policy.

Outlook: What do you believe will be the keys to success this season in order to win the NEC?

MF: I have to say consistency and not playing into other team’s game plans. Playing our defensive press is also very important and just our heart and fight because the games in the NEC are very emotional.

Outlook: What is your favorite song right now?

MF: The first song on our warmup CD, which is “Warning” by Uncle Murda.

Outlook: If I were to suit up and play goalie, would I be able to stop your shot?

MF: Definitely not (laughing). There’s no chance.

Outlook: What’s your greatest memory so far, while being on the team?

MF: It would probably be not last year but the year before, we were seeded fourth going into NECs and we upset the number one seeded team in Rider. We went to the finals and ultimately lost to Loch Haven but that was a really big victory for us. It was very memorable.

Outlook: What advice can you pass on to the younger players in the program?

MF: My advice would be to never lose sight of the fun aspect of being on a college sports team. Sometimes you get caught up in trying to do well, but ultimately you’re going to look back and remember all the fun times.

Outlook: What was your favorite class as an undergrad here at Monmouth?

MF: I would have to say Gender, Race, and Media with Professor Claude Taylor. He was an awesome teacher and I was a gender studies minor as well, and it was both communication and gender studies.

Outlook: Is there any message you would like me to take back to The Outlook for you?

MF: Tell them I love them and tell Gina to relax.

Outlook: What do you and the team need to do in order to have success this upcoming week?

MF: I think it’s going back to consistency and putting two halves together. Some games we come out really strong and we begin to level off, so we just need to keep the intensity up the entire time and we can win.