Squawk With A Hawk 10.12.11

Squawk with A Hawk 10/12/11

I sat down with the Hawks’ sophomore wide receiver Mitchell Pollard before the team faced off against Colgate. The 5’9 175 lb. receiver has put together a great start to the 2011 season. Pollard recorded 10 catches for 88 yards in last week’s loss to Robert Morris, becoming the first Monmouth player to grab ten catches in a game since 2006. Pollard is currently ranked 14th in the NCAA in receptions per game, averaging 6.75.

Outlook: What is your favorite High School Football memory?

MP: Playing our rivals who went 140 that year and won states but we came real close to beating them. I had a couple 80yard plays against them, so that was a big game.

Outlook: What can you do individually to help the team win?

MP: Just stick with the team concept, run the plays that they tell us to run. And when I touch the ball just try to make big things happen.

Outlook: What does the team need to do in order to reach the top of the NEC again?

MP: We have to stay in the races. Keep doing what we’re doing. Just work harder every day to get better. Eventually we’ll get there.

Outlook: Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?

MP: DeSean Jackson because I try to emulate my game after him.

Outlook: Who is your favorite NFL team?

MP: New York Giants.

Outlook: Do you wish Monmouth football games had an atmosphere like you would find in the SEC?

MP: Of course. I would love to play in front of 60,000 people every weekend. But I like the atmosphere, it’s alright.

Outlook: The soccer field has lights, would you like to see them here on Kessler Field next year?

MP: Definitely, I think that would help raise the atmosphere.

Outlook: What kind of music gets you fired up before a game?

MP: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of J.Cole, some Wiz, some JayZ.

Outlook: What is your favorite sports movie?

MP: Any Given Sunday.

Outlook: What do you think the team’s final record will be this season?

MP: What are we at right now, 22? I’m going to say 92. No scratch that. 122.

Outlook: What can the team do overall to have success within the conference for the remainder of the season?

MP: Just keep doing what we’re doing and just try to get better every day.