SGA Stefania Flecca

Who’s Who in SGA: Stefania Flecca Parliamentarian

Stefania Flecca is a senior majoring in English and secondary education. She has the position of Parliamentarian in SGA and oversees the Events Programming chairs who plan the Big Event, Homecoming, the Charity Auction, and Springfest.

Flecca had previously held the positions of Events Programming Chair and Vice President.

Similarly to new freshmen Senators, Flecca joined SGA as part of the Fresh Start program in September 2008.

She joined because she was looking to get involved her first year at the University as well as develop her leadership skills.

“My favorite part about SGA is the many opportunities we get to further and build our leadership skills, as well as ourselves,” Flecca said. Senators have the opportunity to attend conferences, serve as chairs of committees, and be leaders of the entire University. “SGA gives us all the chance to make a real difference,” Flecca said.

She is very excited for next weekend, the most exciting time of the year, in her eyes, Homecoming. Flecca encourages students to get excited and cheer on their team, school, and friends. “It’s a week to celebrate how far Monmouth has come and how far it is going to go,” she said.

Along with her involvement in SGA, Flecca also had the chance to study abroad this summer in Florence, Italy.

She explained that it was the most meaningful and impacting four weeks of her life. The experience allowed her to become more cultured and more open-minded to trying new things.

She had the opportunity to meet new friends from the University that she probably would have never met otherwise, along with students from other states, and even other countries. Flecca recommends the program to any student who has an itch for travel and adventure.

Flecca hopes to leave a legacy behind by sharing all that she learned and gained from her four years on SGA with newer senators. “I was given the amazing chance to serve as Vice President last year. My role as VP gave me experiences that helped to build me as a student, as well as a young woman,” Flecca said. “If I taught them one new thing that will help make SGA or Monmouth easier, that’s all I can ask for.”

She explained that she’ll miss the constant sense of camaraderie and friendship she always found in SGA, once she graduates. “I met some of my very best friends in that office and I cannot picture my college experience without all the people who walked through those doors,” Flecca said.

PHOTO COURTESY of Stefania Flecca