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Cabs Are Here!

Every weekend the University parking lots turn into a regular cab depot. A person could easily count over 10 cabs residing in the parking lots whether they are picking up students or dropping them off. The cab service is primarily used for transporting students to parties in the area, but they are also used for transportation for students who do not have their own car on campus. These cabs have become a staple on our college campus, which would make their absence peculiar.

According to student allegations floating around the University, the MUPD would not find it too peculiar if the cabs suddenly became absent. Apparently, the University police department is not very fond of the cabs that are coming to campus. The amount of cabs coming through our parking lots is definitely excessive, but isn’t choosing a cab a necessary and smart decision in many situations associated with campus life?

Freshman Lindsay Redfern, said, “It is a safer decision to call a cab. Would the police rather have students make the wrong decision or keep allowing them to make the right one?” Even though this is one perspective, Redferns’ opinion accurately demonstrates the reactions that I received when I inquired about the cab rumors to many other students.

An overall consensus of students living on campus was that the cabs were a necessity and  offer a safe alternative to transportation around the surrounding area.

These cabs are preventing students from multiple unsafe situations, such as drunk driving and walking to a destination. I am not saying it is unsafe to walk around the neighborhoods of West Long Branch, but as in any town and community, you never know the dangers that lurk around every corner.

For example, many students use the cabs in order to transport themselves and their luggage to the train station in Long Branch. Though the train station is only two miles away, the area around the station can make some people feel like they are in a different world.

Now, I am not saying it is an extremely unsafe area, but it is a far cry from the University’s beautiful campus. Many students may not feel comfortable walking through this area by themselves while trying to make it to the train station with their entire caravan of luggage. This is where the cabs provide the perfect and safe alternative.

Though the cabs have many benefits, from personal experience I have seen some problems with the cabs on campus. When entering the parking lot on a weekend; it is common to see at least 10 people squeezing into one of the small vans provided by the cab service.

This is definitely not the safest situation. Cab drivers often put money before the students and clearly overload their cabs to make top dollar. Aside from overloading the cabs, I also witnessed the poor driving skills of one of the cab drivers first hand.

While stopped at the light coming from the residential parking lot onto Cedar Avenue, a cab pulled up behind me. The driver, who was obviously frustrated that I was obeying the rules of the road, proceeded to beep his horn and pull around my car into the intersection to make his turn.

This was an extremely dangerous maneuver and could have resulted in a terrible accident. I was surprised by the impatience and lack of driving skills exhibited by this cab driver, but you cannot punish all the cabs because of one driver’s actions.

I attempted to put these rumors to rest by contacting the Monmouth University Police Department. After speaking with Chief McElrath, I understood that he was unaware of these rumors and proceeded to tell me that he would look into it.

The Chief’s lack of knowledge of the rumors gives hope to believe that our beloved cabs are not going anywhere.  Now students, you can continue calling cabs and exclaiming, “Cabs are here,” for the rest of your days on campus.