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Got Time? Catch Up on SGA Minutes

SGA held a meeting on February 22. At the meeting, multiple topics were discussed. Vice President Oscar Sanchez reported SGA is working with Residential Life and Athletics to set up a fundraiser for the fire victims. Jackie and Sami will discuss this later. The new Eboard proposal will be voted on later in the meeting.

New Club Constitution Approval for Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). Previously known as Christian Ambassadors would like to change their name to Cru after joining together with Cru, an Interdenominational Christian Organization. Cru provides a place for Christian believers to grow closer to God and strengthen their faith. This club has been approved by SGA.

Parliamentarian Becca Baier reported, “I would like to move forward with the idea of “The Undie Run” or this event by some other name. There is a sheet on the clipboard. Please put your name if you are seriously interested in being on the committee and will come to meetings.

Move for Hunger has offered to partner with us and share their many connections with DJs and vendors if we decide to go a route that would include these things at the event. We can make it as big as we want and I have some ideas going. These are all tentative events. Seniors and Freshman please don’t forget to complete the NSSE survey. It was emailed to you and it’s really important.”

Vice President Nagy reported to SGA that a young alumni and a current graduate student were both affected by the fire. The graduate student was not worried about himself; he was worried about his neighbors who had no other place to go. This is a reason why everything we can do to help the victims is extremely important. There has been an unfortunate situation in Pinewood Hall where someone has been using the lounge and other places as a restroom. Word has been that the person is a visitor so unfortunately the visitation rights of the residents in Pinewood Hall have been suspended. When someone comes forward it will be dealt with. VP Nagy spoke with Dr. Pearson about Health Studies and the classroom situations. One classroom has already been moved. An undergraduate study has also come up with another course called research methods. Dr. Pearson is concerned with and would like specific complaints about customer service. VP Nagy has already been working with her staff to make sure the students have good customer service.

Ravi Shah stated, “On Wednesday February 15, I met with Jeffery Stapleton, the Senior Associate Athletic Director here at Monmouth. I met with him to discuss several concerns from the student body and several of our own students at SGA. The concerns I brought to his attention were:

  1. 1. What was the reasoning behind the MAC Fitness Center hours as they are currently set up?
  2. 2. Is there a way to extend the hours on the weekends especially on Saturdays?
  3. 3. Would it be possible to keep one lane open for students to use the pool when outside groups are using it?
  4. 4. Is there a ventilation system in place at the Fitness Center?
  5. 5. Would it be possible to add blinds for the large windows in the Fitness Center?

Mr. Stapleton and I discussed each issue and he reported the following for the concerns:

  1. 1. The reason the hours are shortened on the weekends is due to limited usage by students particularly on Saturdays. He showed me three given Saturdays where only 51, 56, and 76 people signed in to use the MAC. These people were spread out between the hours of 9:00 am4:00 pm and he said there is no way to guarantee that they all were there to use the Fitness Center and that they were not all there at 4:00 pm. Therefore for financial reasons, they chose 4:00 pm as a time to shut it down.
  2. 2. Mr. Stapleton did tell me that if I could generate enough interest among the student body to extend the hours on the Fitness Center for Saturdays he sees no problem in extending the hours to 5pm to start and see how the students respond. If a large amount of students show up and use the gym at 4:005:00pm then he would then push it back until 6:00pm and so on and so forth. I have already begun to contact students and already have over 60 names of students who are genuinely interested.
  3. 3. For the question regarding the pool, it is not possible to keep one lane open for students because the pool is rented out by the University to outside groups and these groups are paying for the use of all six lanes.
  4. 4. There is a ventilation system in use at the MAC and it is top of the line so therefore, according to Mr. Stapleton, there is no reason to make any changes to it.
  5. 5. Finally, Mr. Stapleton did not see a reason as to why there should be blinds for the windows and claims that there is no glare on those windows because according to him, the MAC building itself blocks out the sun. However, he did say he would speak with facilities and the people over at the MAC and ask their opinion on this issue as well and would look into the possibility of adding blinds. This is still being investigated.”

It was also announced that the first of March is the last day to apply for graduation for May.